By Katie Gjertson

MNA Political Coordinator


Minnesota’s Primary Election is right around the corner! Eligible voters from every corner of the state will have their chance to cast their ballot in support of the candidates they believe line up with their values, their issues and their vision for the future of Minnesota. Primary elections are our opportunity, as voters, to shape the ticket to reflect what we want it to be in November. Let’s get out the vote for the 2018 Minnesota primary!

Never voted in a Primary Election before? Here are the top ten things you need to know before you head to the polls.
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By Laura Sayles

MNA Government Affairs Specialist

Just a day after the 2018 Session ended, it’s still hard to know the final outcome of Session. The Governor has 14 days to decide whether to sign or veto a variety of bills: the omnibus budget bill, a second tax bill that also contains some money for school safety, the bonding bill, and the pension bill are among those that are waiting for Dayton to take action.

While it may feel like a lot of legislating takes place behind closed doors and late at night, we already know that the voices of the citizens of Minnesota made a difference in ensuring that the Interstate Nurse Licensure Compact and the Medicaid Work Requirements bill did not pass this Session.
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By Jackie O’Shea

MNA Political Organizer


Politics affects every part of our lives to the point where I believe it can be overwhelming for people. Minnesota’s political landscape this year is large; the amount of work to be done is extremely daunting; there are too many elections; and there’s not enough time to pay attention, much less volunteer for all of them. However, every election, no matter how big or small, is extremely important. I understand why some voters need to tune it out. It’s too much for me at times, and it’s my job to pay attention.
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By Diane Mclaughlin

MNA Member, Retired and GAC Commissioner


I’m an active MNA member and a returning Governmental Affairs Commissioner. I assisted in the screening of gubernatorial candidates last October that resulted in the endorsement of state Rep. Erin Murphy (DFL-St. Paul). So, participation in the political realm is not new to me.


After being vocal at my precinct caucus and presenting numerous resolutions in front of my area neighbors, I was granted the opportunity to represent the caucus at the senate district convention. Conventions can be rowdy, competitive, and vibrant interactions of people.
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By Jackie O’Shea

MNA Political Organizer

Elections are the root of our democracy, and saying 2018 is going to be a hectic year politically is an understatement. In Minnesota, there are open races for Governor and Lieutenant Governor; statewide races for Attorney General, Auditor, and Secretary of State and a US Senator; eight U.S. Congressional races, and 134 seats in the Minnesota House of Representatives all up for re-election this year. Plus, other important local races, including city council seats, school board commissioners, and county elected positions are up for grabs.


Electing nurse champions is the important first step towards the main goal of our political organizing, which is passing legislation.
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By Mary C. Turner

MNA President


We nurses can do one thing over the next year that will be a huge win for patients and working families in 2018. We can put Erin Murphy in the Governor’s office. This is absolutely critical us, the direct-care nurses of the Minnesota Nurses Association. Governor Mark Dayton is not seeking re-election, and a dozen candidates are already running. More could jump in too. MNA is ahead of the race though.

In September 2017, a thorough and rigorous screening process took place, which included advice and recommendations from members.
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For Immediate Release

Contact:  Rick Fuentes
(o) 651-414-2863
(c) 612-741-0662

Contact: Barbara Brady
(o) 651-414-2849
(c) 651-202-0845

(St. Paul) – September 20, 2017 – The Board of Directors of the Minnesota Nurses Association voted on Wednesday to endorse fellow nurse Representative Erin Murphy (DFL-St. Paul) for Governor of Minnesota.  The MNA Board followed the recommendation of the nurse members’ screening committee that screened eight candidates from the DFL, GOP, and Independent parties on Saturday, September 9.

“Nurses decided to endorse Erin Murphy not just because she’s a fellow registered nurse,” said Mary C.
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By Katie Gjertson

MNA Political Coordinator

Anyone who spent any time at the Minnesota State Fair quickly realized that candidates have launched their political campaigns for governor. Campaign teams were gathered around the candidates, and everyone talked in animated conversation. Colorful signs with logos and slogans outlining the candidate’s positions were around every corner. This one is a pretty big deal for Minnesota, and this election will determine our collective destiny.


No matter our differences as Minnesotans, we all want pretty similar things: respect and dignity at work; access to quality, affordable health care when we need it; to be able to provide for our families; to supply our kids with shoes and everything they need for a school year; to be safe in our communities and to arrive safely at work or school; to have access to fresh fruits and vegetables; to be able to take the time off work when we or a loved one is sick; clean water, clean air, and clean lakes; to afford the occasional vacation; and to be able to retire with dignity.
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