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Contact: Sam Fettig, MNA
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Marisa Powell Zengin, Doctors Council

Speakers to address impact of ICU and pediatric inpatient closures at Mercy Hospital and Unity Campus, pattern of corporate priorities by Allina executives   

(St. Paul) – March 13, 2024 – Today, Wednesday, March 13, 2024, nurses with the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA) will join Allina physicians with the Doctors Council and healthcare workers with SEIU Healthcare Minnesota & Iowa to highlight the devastating impact on patients, workers, and the community of Allina executives’ plan to close the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Mercy Hospital – Unity Campus in Fridley, and to eliminate pediatric inpatient beds at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids.
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Lauren Bloomquist
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(Duluth) – November 27, 2023 – Tomorrow, November 28, 2023, healthcare workers at Essentia East Market Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) will hold a press conference to announce organizing and filing for an election vote to be represented by the Minnesota Nurses Association.  The APPs filed for an election with the National Labor Relations Board on November 27, and an election date has yet to be determined. 

 “I believe that unionizing will give us the collective voice to advocate for necessary changes in our working conditions so that we can bring our best selves to work each day, and for protection against policies that are harmful to staff and patient care.
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(St. Paul) – September 22, 2023 – On Thursday, an overwhelming majority of Allina’s Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) voted to be represented by the Minnesota Nurses Association.

“The conditions of our work have become unsustainable, as Allina has left us chronically short-staffed, leading to a high turnover rate. This means we can’t always respond to victims of violence, leaving them to either go to another hospital system or wait hours for a specialized nurse to respond. We want to be there for our patients who need our services, which is why we voted to have a collective voice in our workplace by unionizing with MNA,” said Stephanie Gunderson, an Allina SANE RN.
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Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT) Teachers and Education Support Professionals in the Minneapolis Public Schools are on strike for safe and stable schools. This is the first strike in 50 years in this district.

Their fight parallels what nurses and other healthcare workers are experiencing. Top-down, corporatized control of schools and teaching is hurting students and driving families out of the district, so MFT members are demanding:

By Cameron Fure

MNA Political Organizer


On Monday, July 15, workers at the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Shakopee held a picket to bring light to unfair working conditions at their sprawling worksite in the southeast metro. Workers from New York, Seattle, San Francisco and locations across Europe were also holding demonstrations to raise awareness on “Prime Day,” which is one of the largest shopping days of the year.


Workers were highlighting issues such as humane workloads, job security around not hiring “temp” workers, stopping unfair write-ups, investment in communities, and ending retaliation.


The event was organized by the Awood Center, which seeks to bring power to East African workers.
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nurse workplace violence

By Jackie Russell, RN JD

Nursing Practice and Regulatory Affairs Specialist


The Commission on Nursing Practice and Education (“NP&E”) met on May 16, 2019 at the MNA office in Saint Paul. With so many changes in nursing practice as a result of Lean management and short staffing, the NP&E has recently made it a top priority of the commission to write three position papers or FAQs on relevant nursing practice topics before the end of the year.  The exact topics have not been decided, yet. Is there a practice issue you would like to see addressed? Email me at
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nurse workplace violence

By Jackie Russell, RN JD

Nursing Practice and Regulatory Affairs Specialist


Carrie Mortrud, RN

Nurse Staffing Specialist

“You need to work more efficiently!”

“You need to work smarter!”

“You need to work overtime!”


It’s called blaming the victim and all are highly inappropriate and unacceptable employer responses following an assault. Victim blaming is a poor defense. In fact, there is no good defense for assault. No excuses either.

The employer must stop blaming the employee-victim for an assault. The employer must take responsibility for their employees’ safety.

By Rick Fuentes

MNA Communications Specialist


Metro MNA members are taking their stories to the public. MNA has been advertising on I Heart Media radio stations and digital platforms about the issues nurses face every day at the bedside. On-air staff at I Heart Media have been very supportive of Metro nurses, especially K102’s Amy James, KDWB’s Dave Ryan, and KFAN’s Justin Guaard.




Of course, no one can tell the nurses’ stories better than the nurses. The first ad was voiced by Abbott Recovery Room nurse, Becky Nelson. 
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By Emily Sippola, RN

MNA Member, United Hospital Tri-Chair

Months after the 2016 Allina strike, MNA nurses at United Hospital were surprised to find that the employer had unilaterally decide to change the calculation for our sick leave incentive bonus, which rewards nurses for not using sick time.

In May 2017, Allina decided to not count the hours United Hospital nurses were on strike toward “Regularly Scheduled Hours” and provided our sick time incentive bonus based on a lower number of hours nurses worked.

Nurses quickly filed a grievance based on the fact that the contract provides for upgrading Regularly Scheduled Hours based on additional hours worked but does not provide for downgrading based on hours on strike.
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