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By Kristina Maki, RN

MNA Nurse Educator

MNA Nurse

It is surreal working as a nurse right now, right?  I am struggling to keep up with all the changes to practice; they seem to be happening daily.  Who’d have thought we’d be talking about reusing N95s, much less having to discuss using cloth masks…

I hate the ideas of cloth masks.  I know that it might come down to having to use them at some point, which makes me really angry.  Truthfully, it scares me to think that our only source of protection is a simple cloth over our faces. 
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I’m writing this in the hopes that this will cut through some of the noise. As nurses, I feel it is our role to educate the public, especially in times like this. What I’m about to say is not intended to scare you or make you panic. It’s to help you understand the gravity of the issue that faces us, and to keep you well-informed. In fact, my hope is that, instead of fear and panic, you feel more knowledgeable than you did before reading this. And with that knowledge, my hope is that you will act responsibly, effectively, and with caution. This is especially for people who tune out the news, know others that aren’t taking this seriously, or believe that we are over-reacting.
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MNA members are understandably concerned about their financial situation and how market volatility is potentially affecting their financial plans during the COVID-19 crisis. We encourage members with financial questions to take advantage of the free services available through the MNA Financial Wellness Program and Dorval & Chorne Financial advisors.

Daniel Dorval, CFP, President and CEO of Dorval & Chorne Financial Advisors reached out to let MNA members know program is available during this crisis:

“Nurses serve on the front lines of dealing with infectious diseases. We are so thankful for their duty in helping to keep all of us healthy.
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By Mary C. Turner, RN

MNA President


Mayo Clinic released its 2019 annual financial report at the end of February, and it surely made more than one person’s mouth fall open. A lot of those people, by the way, probably also work on the top floor, management offices of hospitals—not just Mayo.


First, here’s the numbers.  Mayo reported the company earned more than $13.8 billion in 2019. That’s money for everything from patient care to Mayo-branded backpacks ($39.95 in the Mayo marketplace store). Out of that, Mayo spent $12.8 billion. This means Mayo’s “operating revenue” is 1 billion dollars! 
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The upcoming Minnesota presidential primary is a chance for MNA nurses to have their voices heard to elect the next president and to bring nurse priorities that protect patients and the profession into the voting booth. In 2016, legislation passed to make Minnesota a presidential primary state for the first time since 1992. Only the two major parties of the state, DFL and Republican, will participate in this primary this year.

While MNA does not endorse candidates on the national level, NNU’s elected national leadership, representing 150,000 registered nurses in all 50 states, has a comprehensive process that is intended to emphasize extensive involvement of its leadership and NNU members.
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The Minnesota Wild held a Salute 2 Scrubs night on Monday, January 20, to honor the work healthcare providers do to keep the State of Hockey strong and healthy. MNA nurses attended to represent the nursing profession and have a little fun while supporting MNAF.

MNA member Linda Jessen-Howard of St. Joseph’s Hospital received recognition for her volunteer work with National Nurses United’s RN Response Network (RNRN) deployment to the Bahamas in response to the devastation of Hurricane Dorian. She also started the game with a spirited “Let’s play hockey!”
All attendees who purchased tickets through a special link received a gift bag, raffle prizes, and the opportunity to go on to the ice after the game for a photo.
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By Jackie Russell, RN BSN JD

MNA Nursing Practice and Regulatory Affairs Specialist


“There’s 50 mcgs. missing, that can’t be accounted for. Do you have any idea what may have happened to the 50 mcgs?” asked the nurse manager.


“I don’t know,” replied the nurse. “I must have given it.”


“But it’s not documented, the nurse manager said, and the pharmacy report doesn’t show it was wasted either.”


“Well,” said the nurse, “I could have lost it in my pocket. You know how you can lose drugs from the syringe into the cap?
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by Jackie Russell, RN, JD

Nursing Practice and Regulatory Affairs Specialist


The Commission on Nursing Practice and Education (“NP&E”) met on September 19 at the MNA office in Saint Paul. At the meeting, NP&E created a workplace violence subcommittee charged with writing a position paper and FAQs about workplace violence prevention and policy. The subcommittee consists of NP&E’s Chair, Lynnetta Muehlhauser, and Commissioners Niki Gjere, Angela Oseland, and Mischelle Knipe. Also, working on the issue with MNA  is Liesl Wolf, Doctor of Nursing Practice Candidate from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. Liesl will do a literature review focused on research around correlations between workplace violence and staffing, nurse fatigue, and nurses leaving the profession.
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By Carrie Mortrud, RN

MNA Nurse Staffing Specialist


In August, nurses were informed that at least one major healthcare system employer was about to release results from a project they completed on “National Benchmarking.” This project has resulted in drastic proposed cuts to RNs, NAs, and other staff on most of the inpatient care units. At the same time, nurses up north were experiencing the same circumstances when they rejected unsafe assignments.

In response, MNA members asked for more tools and resources to be made available to nurses while in the middle of a staffing crisis.
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For Immediate Release

Contact:  Rick Fuentes
(o) 651-414-2863
(c) 612-741-0662

(Duluth, MN) – September 25, 2019 – St. Luke’s nurses have overwhelmingly voted to ratify the tentative agreement reached between the hospital and the Minnesota Nurses Association. The vote sets in place a new three-year contract for St. Luke’s nurses, which will be considered effective as of July 1, 2019.

“Nurses stood up and fought for solutions to the staffing crisis,” said Pete Boyechko, a St. Luke’s nurse and negotiations team member. “We’re proud that the hospital will have to address short staffing situations, and we hope more nurses will be hired so we can safely care for our patients.”

Nurses and the hospital agreed to add contract terms that provide bonuses for nurses called in when the number of patients or the severity of the patients’ conditions are greater than can be safely handled by the nurses on staff.
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