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MNA nurses are seeking solutions to staffing and retention in contract negotiations with hospital executives 

(St. Paul) – June 23, 2022 – A new national study released today shows that 51 percent of surveyed nurses considered leaving the profession within the next year, citing short staffing and moral distress as the driving factors. The study of 2,200 registered nurses working in hospitals, conducted Fall 2021, found 95 percent had experienced moral distress, “when they feel that the ethical course of action is not being pursued due to organizational or institutional constraints,” while just 15 percent felt staffing levels in their workplace were safe.
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By John Welsh, RN, MNA Health and Safety Committee member

This summer, the Biden Administration issued new workplace safety rules regarding COVID-19 that we believe give nurses important rights to protect themselves as the pandemic continues.

Notebook page with text OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration, on a table with a stethoscope and pen, medical concept.

While the COVID-19 vaccine and increased supply of Personal Protective Equipment have dramatically improved nurse safety compared to last year, COVID-19 remains dangerous, and healthcare workers remain vulnerable. These new rules are essential to hold employers accountable for worker safety.

Technically, what the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration did was determine that employee exposure to COVID-19 presents a grave danger to workers in healthcare settings and issued Emergency Temporary Standards to address the issue.
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The Minnesota Nurses Association represents 22,000 Registered Nurses from diverse backgrounds, including those from Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. We are Midwesterners, immigrants, native-born Americans, and Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color and veterans of our armed forces. MNA embraces and supports all of our members.

The staging of the Minnesota National Guard at the St. Paul Labor Center occurred without the approval or discussion amongst the unions that own the building regarding the Guard’s request to utilize the building. MNA, like many unions, has a position against the militarization of police and the use of military force against protestors.  The property itself is owned by a group of Minnesota unions, including MNA.
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As one of the most celebrated dates for the Labor Movement since 1889, May Day or International Workers’ Day, commemorates Labor’s most significant achievements such as the eight-hour day and child labor laws and pays homage to its many heroes while remembering workers’ sacrifices such as The Haymarket Affair, The Homestead Strike, and the Pullman Strike among many others.

The Minnesota Nurses Association recognizes and honors May Day as one of the most sacred and relevant holidays for the Labor Movement and all trade unionists throughout the world. We recognize the importance of joining and supporting our union family especially now following a term, during which workers’ rights, benefits, and working conditions have been under threat by corporate overreach and anti-union political agendas.
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Nurses and voters across Minnesota will have the opportunity to exercise their right to vote on two occasions in the coming months. Minnesota’s primary election day is on Tuesday, August 11 for state and some municipal races. In this election, voters will choose which candidates will end up on the ballot in the November election.

Polls will be open if you choose to vote in-person; although with COVID-19, many officials are encouraging voters to request an absentee ballot and vote by mail. To vote by mail, you will need to request that an absentee ballot be mailed to you. You do not need to be registered to vote to apply.
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Only a Single Payer, Medicare for All System Can Cut Costs

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(St. Paul) – January 10, 2019 – Minnesota nurses are calling for legislators to take the advice of nurses, doctors, and now healthcare researchers to save healthcare by streamlining the system into a “single payer” program, such as Medicare for All that would cut administrative costs by 80 percent.

A recent report published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that the U.S.
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For Immediate Release

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(St. Paul) – April 24, 2019 – The Board of Directors of the Minnesota Nurses Association has voted to endorse Emily Larson for a second term as mayor of Duluth at their April meeting.

“Nurses are proud to support Emily Larson again,” said Mary C. Turner, president of MNA.  “Nurse leaders have witnessed Larson’s continued dedication in ensuring workers are treated with dignity and respect by their employers, including advocating for labor rights, the right of people to organize, and good faith negotiations.”

Mayor Emily Larson participated in a meet and greet with Duluth nurses on April 16 to show her support for those who are entering into contract negotiations with Essentia and St.
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(St. Paul) –   September 6, 2018 – An arbitrator ruled on September 5 that Children’s Hospitals in Minneapolis and St. Paul violated MNA nurses’ contracts in 2017 by unilaterally requiring part-time nurses to pay high a higher percentage of health insurance premiums than full-time nurses.

“Nurses did not stand for Children’s blatant attempts to divide our membership on a critical issue like health insurance,” MNA President Mary C.
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by Rose Roach

MNA Executive Director

As an organization representing 21,000 healthcare professionals, the vast majority of whom are registered nurses, MNA has long advocated for reforms that make healthcare more affordable and accessible to patients who need it because the safety and care of patients is our number one priority. As part of that advocacy we have been calling for regulations that hold Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) accountable for public tax dollars they receive to provide coverage for those who need it most.

Yet with billions going to the HMOs every year to administer public programs, the public has no information about how much of that money is actually providing care to patients who rely on MinnesotaCare and Medical Assistance, and how much is going into CEO salaries, reserves, marketing and lobbying.
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(St. Paul) – December 16, 2016 – Nurses are once again the most honest and ethical profession in the U.S., according to a Gallup poll released today.Nurses’ honesty and ethics were rated very high or high by 84 percent of respondents in the annual survey.

They were followed by pharmacists, medical doctors, engineers, and dentists.

It’s the 15th year in a row that Americans rated nurses as the most trusted profession.

“The public gets it – nurses put patients first,” said MNA President Mary Turner.
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