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(St. Paul) – April 24, 2019 – The Board of Directors of the Minnesota Nurses Association has voted to endorse Emily Larson for a second term as mayor of Duluth at their April meeting.

“Nurses are proud to support Emily Larson again,” said Mary C. Turner, president of MNA.  “Nurse leaders have witnessed Larson’s continued dedication in ensuring workers are treated with dignity and respect by their employers, including advocating for labor rights, the right of people to organize, and good faith negotiations.”

Mayor Emily Larson participated in a meet and greet with Duluth nurses on April 16 to show her support for those who are entering into contract negotiations with Essentia and St.
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(St. Paul) –   September 6, 2018 – An arbitrator ruled on September 5 that Children’s Hospitals in Minneapolis and St. Paul violated MNA nurses’ contracts in 2017 by unilaterally requiring part-time nurses to pay high a higher percentage of health insurance premiums than full-time nurses.

“Nurses did not stand for Children’s blatant attempts to divide our membership on a critical issue like health insurance,” MNA President Mary C.
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by Rose Roach

MNA Executive Director

As an organization representing 21,000 healthcare professionals, the vast majority of whom are registered nurses, MNA has long advocated for reforms that make healthcare more affordable and accessible to patients who need it because the safety and care of patients is our number one priority. As part of that advocacy we have been calling for regulations that hold Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) accountable for public tax dollars they receive to provide coverage for those who need it most.

Yet with billions going to the HMOs every year to administer public programs, the public has no information about how much of that money is actually providing care to patients who rely on MinnesotaCare and Medical Assistance, and how much is going into CEO salaries, reserves, marketing and lobbying.
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(St. Paul) – December 16, 2016 – Nurses are once again the most honest and ethical profession in the U.S., according to a Gallup poll released today.Nurses’ honesty and ethics were rated very high or high by 84 percent of respondents in the annual survey.

They were followed by pharmacists, medical doctors, engineers, and dentists.

It’s the 15th year in a row that Americans rated nurses as the most trusted profession.

“The public gets it – nurses put patients first,” said MNA President Mary Turner.
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Nurses Will be Off ‘Strike Status’ by Sunday Morning

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(St. Paul) – October 13, 2016 – A majority of the striking nurses represented by the Minnesota Nurses Association have voted in favor of the tentative agreement with Allina Health reached on October 11.

Nurses from Abbott Northwestern, Mercy, Phillips Eye Institute, United, and Unity hospitals voted to ratify the contract today.

“This contract represents compromise and strength by the nurses,” said MNA Executive Director Rose Roach.
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By Laura Sayles

MNA Government Affairs Specialist

With exactly two weeks left in the Legislative Session, there’s a lot left to accomplish in a short amount of time. None of the major spending bills have been ironed out and the parties that need to agree (House, Senate, and Governor) are far apart on their Session priorities. When looking through the overviews of the documents that will get us through the end of Session, the phrase “no comparable provision” is a common refrain.


Bonding bill – The Governor proposed funding $1.4 billion in projects; House Republicans, who haven’t yet released their bill, want around $600 million.
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By Megan Gavin

MNA Education Specialist

Why you should use some of your precious free time to attend an MNA education session

In the 1960s it was common practice for hospitals to charge nurses for breaking hospital property, which included glass vials of medication. Frustrated by low pay and practices such as this, a group of nurses successfully organized their co-workers to challenge this policy. Today the breakage clause, which states “it is not the policy of the hospital to charge nurses for breakage,” is one of the oldest sections in MNA contracts.


MNA has more than hundred years of history to learn from, ideas to copy, and people to emulate.
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By Mathew Keller, RN, JD

MNA Nursing Policy and Practice Specialist

As this blog detailed last year, fears of a nursing shortage in Minnesota are somewhat unfounded. In fact, at the time, Minnesota was licensing more than three Registered Nurses for every new job opening in the state.

We’ve crunched the numbers once again this year, and it turns out the trend of licensing more RNs than there are jobs for continues. Add to this the fact that the number of job openings for RNs in the state actually decreased last year, and you have a recipe for plenty of competition over every available RN job.
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021216_Bernie_MN-7194 (1)021216_Bernie_MN-7194 (1)

By Geri Katz

Single Payer Healthcare Specialist


Caring, compassion, and community. These are the values at the heart of registered nursing. National Nurses United, which represents some 190,000 nurses nationwide, seeks to uphold that positive vision for the health of this country by endorsing Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for president.

Senator Sanders was the only candidate to score 100 percent on NNU’s issue questionnaire: he’s the only candidate with us on safe and quality nurse staffing, universal healthcare or Medicare for all, and a fee on Wall Street speculation or the “Robin Hood Tax.” His campaign is exceeding expectations at nearly every turn.
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