MNA Structure

The Minnesota Nurses Association is a member-driven, democratically run union. The House of Delegates is the Minnesota Nurses Association’s governing body. It is composed of the MNA Board of Directors and delegates elected by the MNA membership.  The House of Delegates sets policy at annual meetings.

The Board of Directors is composed of officers and directors elected by the membership.  The Board fulfills the responsibility delegated to it by the House of Delegates as defined in the MNA bylaws.  It is accountable to the membership through the House of Delegates.

The Board is chaired by the MNA president, who is elected by the membership. Chris Rubesch, RN,  is the current president.

The executive director oversees day-to-day operations and planning, organizing, coordinating, and the directing of MNA staff, programs, and activities.

Elaina Hane is MNA’s interim executive director.