In order to effectively advocate for patients and our profession, nurses must be involved in government right from the beginning – elections. MNA members endorse candidates who support our issues. The endorsement process involves members at every step of the way.

In 2016, MNA members have done the research on the issues that matter most to Minnesota nurses: safe staffing, Health Care for All, collective bargaining, and more.

Once candidates are endorsed, members are encouraged to support those candidates by not only voting for them, but actively working for them.

MNA offers a variety of ways nurses can get involved in supporting candidates, including phone banks and door knocking.

Visit our calendar of events to find opportunities to get involved. You can find your legislative district and representatives here.

To get involved, contact:

Jackie O’Shea, Political Organizer
651-414-2857  Jackie.OShea@mnnurses.org

Katie Gjertson, Political Coordinator
651-414-2832  Katie.Gjertson@mnnurses.org

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