Report Unsafe Staffing

Under the Minnesota Nurse Practice Act, you are obligated to advocate for your patients in situations that may threaten their safety. If you have a situation where you feel that unsafe staffing is a concern in your facility, please report it to the appropriate manager/supervisor/administrator at the time that it occurs.

MNA also provides you an opportunity to fill out Concern for Safe Staffing forms. These forms are used to:

  • Track and identify trends in threats to patient safety that nurses have reported as a result of unsafe staffing situations;
  • Provide MNA the information to identify and address these trends with hospital management;
  • Document the actions you took to advocate on the behalf of your patients.

See the results of the latest Concern for Safe Staffing form report analysis by MNA.

Fill out a Concern for Safe Staffing form to document unsafe situations in your hospital.

Report a Concern for Safe Staffing