Get Your Savings Strike Ready! 

Each time we negotiate a new contract, we must be ready for the possibility of a ULP strike.  We always bargain in good faith and strive to reach an agreement that recognizes the value nurses provide without having to take the step of going on strike, but sometimes healthcare executives leave us no choice. There’s always a chance that we could go on a ULP strike during contract negotiations. We can’t leave your finances up to chance— we must be prepared if a ULP strike is needed by saving money and working with creditors. No matter the length of a ULP strike, you’ll want to be prepared and able to cover any of your regular expenses until it ends.

The ULP Strike Ready Calculator is designed to help you calculate how much you’ll need to save in advance in case you’re out of work. Simply fill out the boxes with your relevant expenses and the calculator will do the rest. Then, plan and start saving!  

In addition to this valuable tool, you’ll want to reach out to creditors like your mortgage company, landlord, local utility company, and credit card company to find out how expenses can be deferred. Companies will often work with you if you call in advance – they want you as a long-term customer as much as they want any one payment from you.