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By Rick Fuentes

MNA Communications Specialist

(Note:  the author is teaching an educational session Wednesday, April 25 on social media at the MNA office at 345 Randolph Ave in St. Paul.  RSVPs for the class are available here:

Facebook is in a lot of hot water, and many users may not even understand why.  What Facebook did wasn’t legally wrong, but it was a serious lapse in judgment.  MNA members, nurses, and others who are social media consumers have no choice but to protect ourselves from Facebook and the people who take advantage of Facebook.


Let’s review. 
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By Barbara Brady

MNA Communications Specialist


Union membership empowers MNA nurses to be strong advocates for patients. Nurses know they have rights and a collective voice to speak up for quality patient care. MNA contracts ensure that nurses have a voice in the workplace. Nurses negotiate a fair return for their hard work. Nurses and many other workers have the freedom to join together in unions and work for common causes. However, a case before the U.S. Supreme Court could take away many of those rights, starting with public-sector union members.

Janus v AFSCME Council 31 challenges the right of public sector unions to require all employees who receive the benefits of union representation to pay the cost of that representation or “fair share fees.” Corporations and extremists want to weaken unions by bringing this case forward.
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By Diane Mclaughlin

MNA Member, Retired and GAC Commissioner


I’m an active MNA member and a returning Governmental Affairs Commissioner. I assisted in the screening of gubernatorial candidates last October that resulted in the endorsement of state Rep. Erin Murphy (DFL-St. Paul). So, participation in the political realm is not new to me.


After being vocal at my precinct caucus and presenting numerous resolutions in front of my area neighbors, I was granted the opportunity to represent the caucus at the senate district convention. Conventions can be rowdy, competitive, and vibrant interactions of people.
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By Tara Fugate

MNA Strategic Researcher


Moving from Michigan to Minnesota has brought me many new experiences, from trying my first Hot Dish to navigating the State Fair. After living in this state for a year, I am still discovering new things daily. My most recent Minnesota “firsts” were trips to my local precinct caucus and my senate district convention. Unlike Minnesota, my native Michigan does not use party caucuses or conventions. This process was entirely new to me as was the importance of getting involved with the DFL party on a local level. Having never participated in caucuses before, the road to the state DFL convention seemed overwhelming and complicated.
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(Note:  Two bills to enter Minnesota in the National Nurse Licensure Compact have been introduced in the Legislature.  This would allow nurses from other states to practice in Minnesota without a Minnesota nurse license.  The following is from testimony given Tuesday, March 27 in the Minnesota House Health and Human Services Reform Committee.)


My name is Sharon Carlson. I am a bedside nurse that works in the perioperative care center at Abbott Northwestern hospital. Perioperative careis the care that is given before, during and after surgery. As well as being a staff nurse I have the privilege of being a charge nurse in our Pre-Op, PACU, day surgery and cardiovascular recovery areas.
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By Kate Drusch, RN-ICU

MNA Member


The things we hope will become real can only become reality through actual experience. St. Paul State Representative Erin Murphy can be our next Governor because of her experience as a leader in Minnesota. Murphy is a tireless, incredible organizer.  She has brought people together to help elect her to her House seat again and again since 2006. She went on to work hard to win the House Majority Leadership in 2012, one of the most powerful positions in Minnesota.  Working like the “charge nurse” of her side of the state’s House of Representatives, she was able to push through improvements in MinnesotaCare and more of our biggest and best legislative accomplishments in those two years.
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By Doreen McIntyre

MNA Member, Board of Directors


My name is Doreen McIntyre. I work at Minneapolis Children’s Hospital in Pre-op / PACU. I’m a tri chair of my bargaining unit, and I’m proud to be serving my second term as a director on the MNA Board of Directors. I also serve on National Nurses United’s Joint Nursing Practice Commission and also the Environmental and Climate Justice Working Group.


I recently returned from a medical mission with Smile Network International as one of 26 volunteers to travel to India.  We worked some long days at Santhiram General Hospital in Nandyal (about two days’ drive south of New Delhi).
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By Jon Tollefson

MNA Government Relations Specialist


Today is the first day of the 2018 legislative session in Minnesota, and it promises to be a whirlwind. It’s a bonding, rather than a budgeting year, which is typically shorter. However, remember last year’s budget ended with Governor Dayton vetoing the operating budget of the legislature, and that needs to be passed too. Between now and May 21st, legislators will debate tax policy, infrastructure investments, and other policy changes.

One of the many issues the Minnesota Nurses Association is working on is properly funding home health nursing. Right now, about 1,000 patients need home healthcare nursing each year in Minnesota.
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By Jackie O’Shea

MNA Political Organizer

Elections are the root of our democracy, and saying 2018 is going to be a hectic year politically is an understatement. In Minnesota, there are open races for Governor and Lieutenant Governor; statewide races for Attorney General, Auditor, and Secretary of State and a US Senator; eight U.S. Congressional races, and 134 seats in the Minnesota House of Representatives all up for re-election this year. Plus, other important local races, including city council seats, school board commissioners, and county elected positions are up for grabs.


Electing nurse champions is the important first step towards the main goal of our political organizing, which is passing legislation.
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By Eileen Weber RN, JD

MNA Member


I’ve known Erin for decades, mostly through our joint work at the Minnesota Nurses Association, where she rose from political organizer to executive director of one of the most influential unions in our great labor state.


We actually ran for the legislature together in 2006, but only one of us was successful. She ran for an open seat in a strong DFL district in St. Paul, and I ran against a strong GOP incumbent in a very purple district. Her battle then was to win endorsement against very strong DFL competition, and she did it with an earnest positive message and doorknocking– eventually she knew the name of every pet dog in the district.
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