MNA Candidate Endorsements

MNA Candidate Endorsements

MNA members endorse candidates who support our issues. The endorsement process involves members at every step of the way.

The list that follows is MNA endorsements for 2018. You can also do a zip code lookup to search for endorsements.

Please note for the Minnesota Senate District 13 Special Election, we endorse Joe Perske.

Minnesota Governor

Tim Walz

Minnesota Attorney General

Keith Ellison

Minnesota State Auditor

Julie Blaha

Minnesota Secretary of State

Steve Simon

Minnesota House of Representatives

Find out who represents you here.

  • District 01A: Stephen Moller
  • District 01B: Brent Lindstrom
  • District 02A: Michael Northbird
  • District 02B: Karen Barnden
  • District 03A: Rob Ecklund
  • District 03B: Mary Murphy
  • District 05A: John Persell
  • District 05B: Pat Medure
  • District 06A: Julie Sandstede
  • District 07A: Jennifer Schultz
  • District 07B: Liz Olson
  • District 08A: Brittney Johnson
  • District 08B: Gail Kulp
  • District 09A: Alex Hering
  • District 10B: Phil Yetzer
  • District 11A: Mike Sundin
  • District 11B: Tim Burkhardt
  • District 12A: Murray Smart
  • District 13A: Jim Read
  • District 13B: Heidi Everett
  • District 14A: Aric Putnam
  • District 14B: Dan Wolgamott
  • District 15A: Emy Minzel
  • District 15B: Karla Scapanski
  • District 16B: Mindy Kimmel
  • District 17A: Lyle Koenen
  • District 17B: Anita Flowe
  • District 18B: Ashley Latzke
  • District 19A: Jeff Brand
  • District 19B: Jack Considine
  • District 20B: Todd Lippert
  • District 21A: Lori Ann Clark
  • District 21B: Jonathon Isenor
  • District 22A: Maxwell Kaufman
  • District 22B: Cheniqua Johnson
  • District 23A: Heather Klassen
  • District 23B: Jim Grabowska
  • District 24A: Joe Heegard
  • District 24B: Yvette Marthaler
  • District 25A: Jamie Mahlberg
  • District 26A: Tina Liebling
  • District 26B: Tyrel Clark
  • District 27A: Terry Gjersvik
  • District 29A: Renee Cardarelle
  • District 30A: Sarah Hamlin
  • District 30B: Margaret Fernandez
  • District 31A: Brad Brown
  • District 31B: Sue Larson
  • District 32A: Renae Berg
  • District 32B: Jeff Peterson
  • District 34A: Dan Solon
  • District 34B: Kristin Bahner
  • District 35A: Bill Vikander
  • District 35B: Kathryn Eckhardt
  • District 36A: Zach Stephenson
  • District 36B: Melissa Hortman
  • District 37A: Erin Koegel
  • District 37B: Amir Malik
  • District 38B: Ami Wazlawik
  • District 39A: Ann Mozey
  • District 39B: Shelly Christensen
  • District 40A: Michael Nelson
  • District 41A: Connie Bernardy
  • District 41B: Mary Kunesh-Podein
  • District 42A: Kelly Moller
  • District 42B: Jamie Becker-Finn
  • District 43A: Peter Fischer
  • District 43B: Leon Lillie
  • District 44A: Ginny Klevorn
  • District 44B: Patty Acomb
  • District 45A: Lyndon Carlson
  • District 45B: Mike Freiberg
  • District 46A: Ryan Winkler
  • District 46B: Cheryl Youakim
  • District 47A: Madalynn Gerold
  • District 47B: Donzel Leggett
  • District 48B: Carlie Kotyza-Wittuhn
  • District 49A: Heather Edelson
  • District 49B: Steve Elkins
  • District 50A: Mike Howard
  • District 50B: Andrew Carlson
  • District 51A: Sandra Masin
  • District 52A: Rick Hansen
  • District 52B: Ruth Richardson
  • District 53A: Tou Xiong
  • District 53B: Steve Sandell
  • District 54A: Anne Clafin
  • District 54B: Tina Folch
  • District 55A: Brad Tabke
  • District 56A: Hunter Cantrell
  • District 56B: Alice Mann
  • District 57A: Robert Bierman
  • District 57B: John Huot
  • District 58B: Marla Vagts
  • District 59A: Fue Lee
  • District 59B: Raymond Dehn
  • District 60A: Diane Loeffler
  • District 60B: Mohamud Noor
  • District 61A: Frank Hornstein
  • District 61B: Jamie Long
  • District 62A: Hodan Hassan
  • District 63A: Jim Davnie
  • District 63B: Jean Wagenius
  • District 64A: Kaohly Her
  • District 64B: Dave Pinto
  • District 65A: Rena Moran
  • District 65B: Carlos Mariani
  • District 66A: Alice Hausman
  • District 66B: John Lesch
  • District 67A: Tim Mahoney