MNA Candidate Endorsements

MNA members endorse candidates who support issues important to bedside nurses, like appropriate staffing levels in hospitals, adequate PPE supplies, and reforming the current health care system. The endorsement process involves members at every step of the way.

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Minnesota Statewide Executive Candidates

Tim Walz, Governor
Peggy Flanagan, Lt. Governor
Keith Ellison, Attorney General
Julie Blaha, State Auditor
Steve Simon, Secretary of State

Minnesota House Candidates

Rob Ecklund, District 3A – MNA Advocate
Mary Murphy, District 3B – MNA Supporter
Heather Keeler, District 4A – MNA Supporter
Julie Sandstede, District 7A – MNA Supporter
David Lislegard, District 7B – MNA Supporter
Liz Olson, District 8A – MNA Champion
Alicia Kozlowski, District 8B
Pete Radosevich, Distrct 11A
Tami Calhoun, District 14A
Jeff Brand, District 18A
Luke Fredrick, District 18B
Tom Stiehm, District 23B
Tina Liebling, District 24B – MNA Champion
Kim Hicks, District 25A
Ashton Ramsammy, District 32A
Matt Norris, District 32B
Josiah Hill, District 33B
Melissa Hortman, District 34B – MNA Champion
Zach Stephenson, District 35A – MNA Advocate
Jerry Newton, District 35B
Susie Strom, District 36A
Kristin Bahner, District 37B – MNA Advocate
Michael Nelson, District 38A – MNA Advocate
Samantha Vang, District 38B – MNA Supporter
Erin Kogel, District 39A – MNA Advocate
Sandra Feist, District 39B – MNA Advocate
Kelly Moller, District 40A – MNA Supporter
Jamie Becker-Finn, District 40B – MNA Advocate
Pat Driscoll, District 41A
Tina Folch, District 41B
Ned Carroll, 42A
Ginny Klevorn, District 42B – MNA Advocate
Cedrick Frazier, District 43A – MNA Champion
Mike Freiberg, District 43B – MNA Advocate
Peter Fischer, District 44A – MNA Advocate
Leon Lillie, District 44B – MNA Champion
Larry Kraft, District 46A
Lauren Bresnahar, District 45A
Patty Acomb, District 45B
Cheryl Youakim, District 46B – MNA Supporter
Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger, District 47A
Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn, District 48B – MNA Supporter
Steve Elkins, District 49B
Mike Howard, District 51A – MNA Champion
Liz Reyer, District 52A – MNA Advocate
Ruth Richardson, District 52B – MNA Supporter
Mary Frances Clardy, District 53A
Rick Hansen, District 53B – MNA Advocate
Brad Tabke, District 54A
Jess Hanson, District 55A – MNA Supporter
Kaela Berg, District 55B – MNA Supporter
Robert Bierman, District 56A – MNA Supporter
John Huot, District 56B – MNA Advocate
Kristy Pursell, District 58A
Fue Lee, District 59A – MNA Advocate
Esther Agbaje, District 59B
Sydney Jordan, District 60A – MNA Advocate
Mohamud Noor, District 60B – MNA Advocate
Frank Hornstein, District 61A – MNA Advocate
Jamie Long, District 61B – MNA Supporter
Aisha Gomez, District 62A – MNA Advocate
Hodan Hassan, District 62B – MNA Advocate
Samantha Sencer-Mura, District 63A 
Emma Greenman, District 63B – MNA Advocate
Kaohly Her, District 64A – MNA Supporter
Dave Pinto, District 64B – MNA Advocate
María Isa Pérez-Hedges, District 65B
Leigh Finke, District 66A
Athena Hollins, District 66B – MNA Supporter
Liz Lee, District 67A
Jay Xiong, District 67B – MNA Supporter

Minnesota Senate Candidates

Grant Hauschild, District 3
Ben DeNucci, District 7
Jen McEwen, District 8 – MNA Champion
Aric Putnam, District 14 – MNA Supporter
Nick Frentz, District 18
Aleta Borrud, District 24
Kate Luthner, District 32
Nancy McLean, District 33
John Hoffman, District 34 – MNA Supporter
Jim Abler, District 35 – MNA Champion
Heather Gustafson, District 36
Farhio Khalif, District 37
Susan Pha, District 38
Mary Kunesh, District 39 – MNA Supporter
John Marty, District 40 – MNA Champion
Judy Seeberger, District 41
Bonnie Westlin, District 42
Ann Rest, District 43 – MNA Supporter
Tou Xiong, District 44
Nicole Mitchell, District 47
Steve Cwodzinski, District 49 – MNA Advocate
Alice Mann, District 50
Melissa Halvvorson Wicklund, District 51 – MNA Advocate
Jim Carlson, District 52 – MNA Supporter
Lindsey Port, District 55 – MNA Advocate
Erin Maye Quade, District 56
Clarice Grabau, District 58
Bobby Joe Champion, District 59 – MNA Supporter
Kari Dziedzic, District 60 – MNA Advocate
Scott Dibble, District 61 – MNA Advocate
Omar Fateh, District62 – MNA Supporter
Zaynab Mohamed, District 63
Sandy Pappas, District 65 – MNA Advocate
Erin Murphy, District 64 – MNA Champion
Clare Oumou Verbeten, District 66
Foung Hawj, District 67 – MNA Supporter

Local Candidates

Irene Fernando, Hennepin County Commissioner District 2
Marion Greene, Hennepin County Commissioner District 3
Angela Conley, Hennepin County Commissioner District 4
Kim Drew, Pipestone County Commissioner District 2

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