MNA Candidate Endorsements

MNA members endorse candidates who support issues important to bedside nurses, like appropriate staffing levels in hospitals, adequate PPE supplies, and reforming the current healthcare system. The endorsement process involves members at every step of the way.

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2024 Minnesota House Candidates

  • Tina Liebling, District 24B
  • Sandra Feist, District 39B
  • Cedrick Frazier, District 43A
  • Jess Hanson, District 55A
  • Kaela Berg, District 55B
  • Robert Bierman, District 56A
  • Sydney Jordan, District 60A
  • Emma Greenman, District 63B
  • Liish Kozlowski, District 8B
  • Andy Smith, District 25B
  • Erin Koegel, District 39A
  • Ginny Klevorn, District 42B
  • Mike Freiberg, District 43B
  • Peter Fischer, District 44A
  • Mike Howard, District 51A
  • Liz Reyer, District 52A
  • Rick Hansen, District 53B
  • John Huot, District 56B
  • Jamie Long, District 61B
  • Leigh Finke, District 66A
  • Cheryl Youakim, District 46B
  • Jeff Brand, District 18A
  • Dwayne Voegeli, District 26A

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