Racial Diversity Committee

The MNA Racial Diversity Committee (RDC) oversees the ongoing internal examination of MNA regarding racial barriers and identifies ways to engage members in open and courageous conversations on racism, inequity, and privilege. The RDC evaluates MNA’s programs and strategies for their impact on dismantling structural racism and assessing our culture(s) and examines how it challenges or reinforces structural racism and either supports or challenges racial equity. It will also work to create:

  • Opportunities for our racially diverse membership to enter into MNA leadership
  • Guidance to members and member leaders as they strive to confront institutional racism within the medical facilities themselves
  • Find opportunities for MNA to partner with organizations and communities of color as part of MNA’s work to build a wider movement that will fight for an economy that works for everyone and a society that cherishes and celebrates our rich diversity

All MNA members are welcome to attend RDC meetings to learn more and participate in this vital work.

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Report racial discrimination in the workplace