Caucusing for Erin Murphy

By Diane Mclaughlin

Diane McLaughlin
Diane McLaughlin, RN
MNA Member, Retired
GAC Commissioner

MNA Member, Retired and GAC Commissioner


I’m an active MNA member and a returning Governmental Affairs Commissioner. I assisted in the screening of gubernatorial candidates last October that resulted in the endorsement of state Rep. Erin Murphy (DFL-St. Paul). So, participation in the political realm is not new to me.


After being vocal at my precinct caucus and presenting numerous resolutions in front of my area neighbors, I was granted the opportunity to represent the caucus at the senate district convention. Conventions can be rowdy, competitive, and vibrant interactions of people. This entire process has been fun but not without its challenges. Delegates have to meet lots of people and many candidates, vote on numerous resolutions to form the DFL platform, and experience the “walking sub-caucus” to name just a few of the activities.


A number of people were not familiar with Rep. Murphy. She gave an enthusiastic but brief speech earlier in the convention, and this was the first time some people had any experience with her. One woman shared, “I did not know who she was, but I really like what I heard and I want to know more.” This was a terrific opening and opportunity to share my knowledge, my experiences, and why Rep. Murphy would make an outstanding Governor for the state of Minnesota. Murphy earned MNA’s endorsement based on her clear and strong support of Minnesota’s working families: from education at all levels, living wages, healthcare for all, women’s security, and reasonable and responsible gun laws.


Out of our sub-caucus, two delegates and two alternates were elected to go to DFL congressional district convention and then to the state convention in support of Rep Erin Murphy. I was fortunate to be selected as a delegate and look forward to working for and supporting a worthy gubernatorial candidate such as Rep. Murphy.


I invite MNA members to join me. The work has only begun. There are many opportunities to be involved in this process, not only as delegates or alternates, but phone banking, attending town halls for Rep. Murphy around the state, following the Nurses for Erin Facebook page and preparing for door knocking. Most of all, be informed and talk to the people close to you like family, co-workers, and neighbors. We have a terrific candidate, and she just happens to be one of us—a nurse.