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Dear MNA Allina nurses,

This is long, but important.  As your Executive Director I was present for the 22 hour marathon bargaining session that just ended mere hours ago. I understand Allina has, as usual, communicated with all of you before we were able to do so (a clear divide and conquer tactic that they have become oh so good at) so I wanted to get this out to you. Please note, that communication from Allina lists the elements of their proposal but not the details because they want you to demand to vote on their proposal without knowing what that proposal will really mean for you – don’t fall for it, it’s Allina trying to cause division within the union.
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By Mary Turner

MNA President


When 5,000 Allina nurses went on strike for seven days last month, I spoke to so many who were determined but anxious. Would the public understand why they made the difficult decision to strike, rather than accept Allina’s demand that they give up their affordable healthcare? Would the public understand that they had to stand up to Allina when they refused to discuss our issues, including safe staffing and violence?

If you had a chance to be at one of the five picket lines during the strike, you know that the public definitely understood why nurses were outside.
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By Eileen Gavin

MNA Political Organizer

There is a saying in politics.  “If you are not at the table you are ON the table.” Don’t let that be case this legislative session. The 2016 Minnesota Legislative Session begins March 8 and is scheduled to adjourn May 23. While the physical landscape is literally different this year with the Capitol renovation still underway, the nature of the work remains the same. When your elected officials get back to work, business leaders, lobbyists, advocacy groups, and Minnesotans from all over the state will descend on the Capitol to advance their respective causes.
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The sidewalks around North Memorial Hospital in Robbinsdale on June 24 were filled with more than 500 nurses, nurse assistants, janitors, food service workers and supporters from as far away as Bemidji uniting in opposition to the hospital’s plan to cut nursing staff to dangerously low levels.

They spoke loudly and passionately about the hospital’s plan to increase the number of patients each nurse cares for and how it would endanger patient safety.

“They want to change the game and decrease staff to unsafe levels,” said North Memorial MNA Nurses Co-Chair Mary Turner. “North Memorial nurses want to provide the care patients need and deserve – and this plan will reduce our ability to provide safe care for every patient.”

“Patient safety has always been my number-one concern,” said North Memorial nurse Monifa Owens, who picketed with her baby son and teen-age daughter.
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Minnesota Nurses fighting for safe staffing levels for patients held an informational picket on Tuesday, June 24, 2014.  Legislative leaders from the area joined them to echo their concerns that patient safety is a concern.

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