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Nurses to picket amid concerns about Allina’s proposed nursing staff reductions and recent closures

(St. Paul) – October 25, 2023 – Tomorrow, Thursday, October 26, 2023, nurses with the Minnesota Nurses Association will provide media availability during their informational picket outside Abbott Northwestern, Mercy, and United hospitals. In addition, they will hold a press conference at the United picket line at 2 p.m. with Allina nurses, labor leaders and elected officials. They are speaking out as Allina continues to close services essential to local communities and ignore nurses’ concerns about the outcomes of Allina’s current benchmarking plans.
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Nurses concerned these efforts will lead to cutting corners on patient care and increased staffing turnover

(St. Paul) – October 19, 2023 – Nurses with the Minnesota Nurses Association have filed an intent to picket on Thursday, October 26, outside Abbott Northwestern, Mercy, and United hospitals. Nurses are speaking out as Allina continues to close services essential to local communities and ignore nurses’ concerns about the outcomes of Allina’s current benchmarking plans.

These profit-driven decisions deny nurses and patients the resources needed to ensure safe staffing and quality patient care at the bedside, betraying Allina’s promise to serve the communities in which they operate as a nonprofit entity.
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(St. Paul) – September 22, 2023 – On Thursday, an overwhelming majority of Allina’s Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) voted to be represented by the Minnesota Nurses Association.

“The conditions of our work have become unsustainable, as Allina has left us chronically short-staffed, leading to a high turnover rate. This means we can’t always respond to victims of violence, leaving them to either go to another hospital system or wait hours for a specialized nurse to respond. We want to be there for our patients who need our services, which is why we voted to have a collective voice in our workplace by unionizing with MNA,” said Stephanie Gunderson, an Allina SANE RN.
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First-of-its-kind public hearing is the result of a new law championed by MNA

(St. Paul) – November 18, 2021 – This evening, Minnesota Nurses Association members joined more than 60 participants in a virtual public hearing on Allina Health’s plan to close labor and delivery services at Regina Hospital in Hastings. This cost-cutting move by Allina will negatively impact patient care and the community, as people going into labor will now need to travel an additional 23 miles to St.
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By Tara Fugate

MNA Strategic Researcher


Minnesota hospital charges are rising and have been for decades, but the difference between what hospitals charge patients and the amount hospitals need to deliver care is not often discussed. How much does it actually cost hospitals to provide care? The answer is: it varies. However, one thing is consistent across the state, every hospital included in a recent National Nurses United and Minnesota Nurses Association study charges more than the “cost” of delivering care. The “cost” of delivering care refers not only to direct labor and supply costs but also to administrative and general costs, such as maintenance and housekeeping.
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By Mercy Hospital MNA Chairs Sara Wahto and LouAnn Uhr; Unity Hospital MNA Chairs Robin Larson and Gail Olson; and United Hospital MNA Chairs Bunny Engeldorf, Emily Sippola, and Brittany Livaccari


We all wring our hands over mandatory low needing. It’s a major problem at hospitals everywhere and can affect the quality of care we can provide our patients. However, nurses in union facilities have the power to address the issue through the grievance process and make a difference.

Here’s how MNA nurses at Allina Mercy, United, and Unity hospitals won a major victory to stop a faulty low needing process at our hospitals:
Incorrect mandatory low need assignments have been a long-standing problem at our hospitals.
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(St. Paul) – October 11, 2017 – One year after the strike ended, nurses represented by the Minnesota Nurses Association have taken formal steps to redress ongoing staffing issues at Allina Health hospitals in the Twin Cities, which were mutually agreed to in the 2016 contract agreement.

“The contract issue remains the role of the charge nurse,” said Emily Sippola, a charge nurse at Allina-owned United Hospital. 
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By Jean Forman, RN

MNA Member


I’m a nurse at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. I’m also MNA tri-chair for Abbott and for Phillips Eye Institute. I recently attended a rally at an elected representative’s home to support expanding Medicaid. My journey from a political bystander to an activist has been accelerated by the Allina Metro strike of 2016. I learned so much about how legislation can affect me at my workplace and more significantly how the right legislation can impact the public good. I have been supported at MNA by so many people to get active. So I have tried a few things over the last few years, but I would say the strike and the election last year gave me the impetus to really get out there.
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By Mathew Keller RN JD

MNA Regulatory and Policy Specialist

“In Minnesota, like the rest of the country, our health care system is in crisis. Healthcare premiums have increased at double-digit levels year-after-year. Employers are being squeezed by these costs, and healthcare has become prohibitively expensive for many self-employed, retired, and uninsured citizens. In this climate, nonprofit healthcare organizations owe a heightened duty to show proper stewardship.”

This was testimony offered to the U.S. Senate Finance committee not this week, not this year, not even this decade—but on April 5, 2005, by then-Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch. It was spurred in part by a comprehensive audit performed by the Attorney General’s office on Allina Health and its subsidiary insurance company, Medica.
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