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(Anoka) – May 29, 2019 – Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center (AMRTC) staff are at risk every day they walk through the doors because the hospital does not have needed security to prevent violence by patients and others. MNA, AFSCME, and MAPE members are picketing outside the hospital this afternoon to shine a spotlight on safety concerns after a nurse was violently attacked recently.

“That attack shows just how dangerous the working conditions are at AMRTC,” Carrie Mortrud, RN, said.
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Members of three unions plan informational picket May 29

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St. Paul) – May 26, 2019 – The recent attack that left an Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center nurse severely injured and hospitalized has prompted employees from three unions to call for immediate measures to improve safety for workers, patients, and visitors.

MNA, AFSCME, and MAPE members are picketing on May 29 outside the hospital to shine a spotlight on the safety crisis and the hospital’s failure to install security measures.
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(St. Paul) – May 22, 2019 – Members of the Minnesota Nurses Association in the Metro area are picketing selected hospitals to take their issues to the hospitals. Today, nurses from across the Twin Cities targeted Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis. Negotiations between nurses and hospitals have stalemated over a new contract, even though their contract expires on May 31.

“Nurses have felt disrespected at the bargaining table, and they feel they have to take the issues of workplace safety to the hospitals’ front door,” said Doreen McIntyre, a nurse at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis.
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nurse workplace violence

By Jackie Russell, RN JD

Nursing Practice and Regulatory Affairs Specialist


On the CDC website there is a Workplace Violence Prevention for Nurses Course (CDC Course No. WB2908–NIOSH Pub. No. 2013-155). It’s free. It’s interactive. (here’s the link to attend: It’s designed to “help healthcare workers better understand the scope and nature of violence in the workplace.” And it hasn’t been updated since 2016 (last reviewed, 2017).

If you take the course, you will learn the definition, types, and prevalence of violence; workplace violence consequences; risk factors for type II and III violence; prevention strategies for organizations; prevention strategies for nurses; and a post event response.
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By Barbara Brady

MNA Communications Specialist


There’s one MNA nurse who walks the extra mile to provide care… literally.

In spite of heavy snowstorms, MNA Hennepin Healthcare Visiting Nurse Amy Edelstein still finds ways to get to her clients – even on foot.

Following a heavy storm last February, Edelstein strapped on snowshoes to travel the 2.5 miles to her client’s home.

“I thought it was nice outside and I still get to see the client without worrying about driving conditions and parking,” she says. “I had my MVNA backpack with what I needed.”

It’s not the first time Edelstein has braved the elements to see clients.
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For Immediate Release

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(St. Paul) – April 24, 2019 – The Board of Directors of the Minnesota Nurses Association has voted to endorse Emily Larson for a second term as mayor of Duluth at their April meeting.

“Nurses are proud to support Emily Larson again,” said Mary C. Turner, president of MNA.  “Nurse leaders have witnessed Larson’s continued dedication in ensuring workers are treated with dignity and respect by their employers, including advocating for labor rights, the right of people to organize, and good faith negotiations.”

Mayor Emily Larson participated in a meet and greet with Duluth nurses on April 16 to show her support for those who are entering into contract negotiations with Essentia and St.
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By Chidinma Nwanekpe, RN, BSN, MPH

GAC Commissioner, Mental Health Nurse at St. Joseph’s


Working on my unit has exposed me to a lot of issues our mental health patients go through, but the most prominent one is homelessness.

For example, here’s a patient we’ll call “Mr. J.” Mr. J had been in the hospital for seven days when I arrived at work one day. In a mental unit, it’s not uncommon for patients to be reported as loud, upset, disrupting unit activity, and not heeding re-direction. Mr. J said he had been in the hospital for quite a while, didn’t know where to go after he was discharged because he was homeless.
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By Carrie Mortrud, RN

MNA Project Specialist


Ok, by now, you’ve probably heard the ignorant and irresponsible comments of Washington state Senator Maureen Walsh who attacked all nurses by opposing a bill aimed at guaranteeing breaks and stopping mandatory overtime.

Walsh unwisely said this while the Washington state Senate considered SHB 1155, which would provide nurses with uninterrupted meal and rest breaks.

“I would submit to you that those nurses probably do get breaks,” Walsh said on the Senate floor. “They probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day.”

Despite the ridiculousness of her comments, that doesn’t mean that every MNA member shouldn’t take something away from this ignorant comment, even though the Senator has said she regrets the remark (ironically, she claimed she was “tired” from no breaks at the Capitol.
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By Rick Fuentes

MNA Communications Specialist


Metro MNA members are taking their stories to the public. MNA has been advertising on I Heart Media radio stations and digital platforms about the issues nurses face every day at the bedside. On-air staff at I Heart Media have been very supportive of Metro nurses, especially K102’s Amy James, KDWB’s Dave Ryan, and KFAN’s Justin Guaard.




Of course, no one can tell the nurses’ stories better than the nurses. The first ad was voiced by Abbott Recovery Room nurse, Becky Nelson. 
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Contact:  Barb Brady
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(St. Paul) – April 4, 2019 – Attorney General Keith Ellison has appointed the Minnesota Nurses Association’s Executive Director, Rose Roach, to the task force charged with lowering the price of pharmaceutical drugs for Minnesota patients. Roach is one of 15 patient advocates who include leaders from medical providers, labor and industry, state legislators, and the executive director of the Board of Pharmacy.

“I am honored to be appointed by Attorney General Ellison and am confident we will be able to make recommendations that will improve the lives of Minnesotans when it comes to affording the medications they need,” Roach said.
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