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Below is a video and transcript of an amazing statement given in today’s bargaining session (April 22) with Methodist Hospital by Karen Anderson, RN.



Karen Anderson, RN, Methodist Hospital
Everyday that we go to work we are responsible for the health and well-being of our patients.  Doctors rely on our extensive training and expertise to make accurate evaluations of their patients, and to take timely, thoughtful, and effective, actions towards keeping those patients safe and healthy.

We do this by working nights, weekends, and holidays, on long, physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting shifts. 
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Join us in taking a brief break (four minutes or so!) from the intensity of contract bargaining to watch this powerful YouTube video that summarizes the RN relief efforts in Haiti. MNA Nurse Barb Warren-Bloms was among the volunteers called forth by National Nurses United to serve in Haiti recently. More than 300 Minnesota nurses were among the 12,000 across the U.S. who volunteered to help in the aftermath of the earthquake.
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Barb Warren-Bloms, the first Minnesota Nurse formally deployed to Haiti, recently sent us a Facebook message with an update of her first days on the Navy ship USNS Comfort (above):

“Thanks. It is going ok on the ship. I am working night shift. The census is way down, and acuity is very low. It is winding down. There are only 50 patients here now.

Even though the census is very low, they are happy we are here, because the nurses have not had days off in over 30 days. We got here too late to be of much help other than letting the nurses get days off, which is important, I guess.
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