Update from the USNS Comfort in Haiti

Barb Warren-Bloms, the first Minnesota Nurse formally deployed to Haiti, recently sent us a Facebook message with an update of her first days on the Navy ship USNS Comfort (above):

“Thanks. It is going ok on the ship. I am working night shift. The census is way down, and acuity is very low. It is winding down. There are only 50 patients here now.

Even though the census is very low, they are happy we are here, because the nurses have not had days off in over 30 days. We got here too late to be of much help other than letting the nurses get days off, which is important, I guess. We would have done more help 1-3 weeks earlier, but I guess it is ok.

The president of Haiti wants to take care of as many people as they can on land, and we are not allowed to go on land. So, I think they anticipate that they will not be here much longer than mid March….

I have lots of pictures, and stories I will tell when I get back!”

Make sure to drop by Barb’s Facebook page for more updates and to share words of encouragement!