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Because We Care

John Gunyou
Remarks at Vigil for Patient Safety
St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, St. Paul
June 9, 2010

Thank you for the opportunity to be here tonight. I want you to know that Margaret and I are very proud to stand with you for patient safety and well being.

My sister is an RN, and has been a pediatrics nurse for more than 35 years. I told her about tonight, and asked what she had learned about nursing over her long career. Here’s what she told me.

While there’s always a need for advanced medical treatment & technology, what patients most need is intelligent, high-quality, nursing care.
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No Sunday Work!

Thanks to all of the amazing nurses, spouses, friends, children and pets who showed up at MNA offices over the past two days to help make picket signs. Because of the great turnout, we are done with our picket signs, so will not be working on them on Sunday.

If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up for a shift – talk to your Reps or Chairs for sign up sheets!

See you all on the picket lines on Thursday!
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NURSES: Please e-mail me ASAP at john.nemo@mnnurses.org with your short-staffing horror stories. I’ll need your name, phone and where you work so I can verify things. See below for an example of how to send these to me. We want to start educating the general public about just how dangerously understaffed we are and how our patients suffer as a result. We need real stories from real RNs to drive this point home!

Here’s an example of what to e-mail me: On a recent shift one of my patients had to sit in her own feces for 30 minutes because we were so short-staffed.
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From Kevin Campbell, RN, Member of MNA’s Fairview Bargaining Team:

Management reluctantly talked about wages preceded by a well-orchestrated litany of wage freezes in other industries such as auto industries, medical products, St Jude’s medical, State employees.  Not comparing us to other nurses.  Wages 0% first year, 1% second year, and 2% third year.

Hospital was given the nurses’ counter proposals preserving MNA insurance, budgeting for staffing @ 115%, infectious disease proposal, educational enhancements and technology language.

The hospital came back with a “generous” offer to drop 18 of their proposals “no strings attached.”  They continued to decline to talk about patient care or patient safety saying it is too costly.
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