Fairview Bargaining Update (May 6)

From Kevin Campbell, RN, Member of MNA’s Fairview Bargaining Team:

Management reluctantly talked about wages preceded by a well-orchestrated litany of wage freezes in other industries such as auto industries, medical products, St Jude’s medical, State employees.  Not comparing us to other nurses.  Wages 0% first year, 1% second year, and 2% third year.

Hospital was given the nurses’ counter proposals preserving MNA insurance, budgeting for staffing @ 115%, infectious disease proposal, educational enhancements and technology language.

The hospital came back with a “generous” offer to drop 18 of their proposals “no strings attached.”  They continued to decline to talk about patient care or patient safety saying it is too costly.

The hospital remains married to:

  1. Remove time-off option for night shift bonus.
  2. Delete converting vacation to pay.
  3. Move non-contract seniority to bargaining unit positions.
  4. Increase mandatory low need to six days per year, with all nurses eligible to receive them on a rotating basis.
  5. All nurses work holidays.
  6. Delete grid mediation for grid reviews.
  7. No benefits for .4 nurses.
  8. Delete MNA health insurance.
  9. Delete diminishment of benefits protection.

10. LTD at .6 authorized instead of averaged hours.

11. Restrict dues deduction.

12. Delete longevity bonus.

13. Add certifications for certification bonus.