The following letter was sent to North Memorial Health Hospital by the MNA Negotiation Teams after a member of MNA staff was discriminated against and harassed while conducting official union business:

On August 12, 2022, the MNA North Memorial Health Hospital Negotiation Team and MNA Co-Chairs, with the support of their MNA Staff, were conducting official Union business in the cafeteria of North Memorial Health Hospital. These Union activities serve a critical purpose to our Union and ensure the democratic participation of over 1,000 Nurses at NMHH as we prepare for a historic strike involving 15,000 Registered Nurses across Minnesota.

While conducting official Union business, one of our MNA Staff, Isuru Herath, was approached by NMHH security staff in the presence of our elected Union leadership and members.
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The Minnesota Nurses Association recognizes that the beginning of the Chauvin trial may be traumatic for our nurse members, especially for our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color members. MNA nurses sympathize with our fellow members as this may rekindle the traumas they have seen and experienced, whether it’s at the bedside, in the community, or to themselves.

MNA nurses have seen and heard from patients, coworkers, and employers about the controversy over the trial from the beginning, and those who wish to debate the facts of systemic racism continue to try to debate, insult, and create conflict with nurses. This has forced MNA nurses to turn away, remain silent, and ignore this race-baiting as they attempt to provide patient care.
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At the August meeting of the MNA Board of Directors, several MNA members presented this Statement of Solidarity from White Nurses which recognizes, “For centuries, non-white people globally have resisted racism and fought for their sovereignty.” It further states, “As white nurses, we have been complicit in racism through willful ignorance, microaggressions, silence, and an inability to discuss and understand whiteness and its role in upholding intentional systems of power that benefit white people.”

The Board unanimously voted in favor of adopting this statement and urges other white nurses to join them by signing their names in support.


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