Sign the MNA Statement of Solidarity from White Nurses

At the August meeting of the MNA Board of Directors, several MNA members presented this Statement of Solidarity from White Nurses which recognizes, “For centuries, non-white people globally have resisted racism and fought for their sovereignty.” It further states, “As white nurses, we have been complicit in racism through willful ignorance, microaggressions, silence, and an inability to discuss and understand whiteness and its role in upholding intentional systems of power that benefit white people.”

The Board unanimously voted in favor of adopting this statement and urges other white nurses to join them by signing their names in support.




  1. I am proud to be a part of this statement and proud to be a part of a real organizational effort to fighting racism through solidarity. Thank you all.

  2. As a nurse who is a white male, I understand the responsibility that comes with my white privilege. The color of my skin affords me many opportunities that my BIPOC sisters and brothers are still regularly denied simply because of the color of their skin. Thank you MNA for adopting this strong and appropriate language considering the desperate state of basic human rights, blatant systemic racism, and police brutality that continues to exist in our country.

  3. Situation:
    BIPOCs,as you call them,have for centuries and indeed millennium not resisted racism and hatred toward people’s who were unlike them. The Egyptians, the Chinese and nearly the whole continent of Africa used slavery as tools to build things like the pyramids the great wall and many dynasties just to give a few examples. Slavery = racism,period. Are you totally ignorant of world history or do you as most liberal socialist bolshevik types just choose your “facts”to suit your agenda.
    The economic structure of the cotton growers in the Confederate states which are the very states that harbored democratic party racists during the time of the civil war in the USA and indeed into the 70’s did promote slavery and used this disgusting form of business for profit. Thanks to all you Democrat socialists for that.
    Systematic racism is indeed alive and well in socialist democratically controlled cities in this country. Seattle,Portland, Kenosha and oh yes, who can forget Minneapolis just to name a few. Thanks to all the socialist Democrats who run these and many other of our once great cities for all this mess that we daily see and hear about.
    If you really want to make a difference in our country then ignore the hapless socialist saps in the MNA leadership and vote for local, state and federal officials who are conservatives who stand for law and order and especially vote for TRUMP.
    patriotically and sincerely,
    The old retired ER RN

  4. I don’t think that I have ever felt so angry or ashamed of a statement as I am of this one. Nurses very foundations are of acceptance and tolerance. I can honestly state that in all of my nursing career, I and anyone I have ever worked with have never, ever excluded anyone because of race or creed.
    This board has made this untrue statement and is trying to shame white nurses into signing this. Just as they are unfairly making “victims” out of people of color and are suppressing their very existence.
    The reasons unions were created in the first place was so that people of all creeds could come together, be treated fairly, earn a decent wage and be a “brotherhood”. You MNA board members are making a mockery of our union.
    As a steward in good standing for many years, I am now relinquishing this title, and if I didn’t work for an extremely unbiased,Un racist employer I would quit MNA altogether.

  5. While I am a retired nurse and no longer have a license to practice I would like to add my name to this as I know this to be true. I started practicing Nursing in the 1960s and saw far too much blatant racism. While it is true that by the time I retired racism was not as obvious, it was still unspoken but there. Thank you for allowing me to sign this as I feel it has been needed for a long time.

  6. I applaud the MNA and its white nurses for taking a stand like this. I plan to write to my nursing associations and union here in CA to encourage them in adopting something similar, but I would love to sign this in solidarity as well. I’m just not sure if you want nurses from other states/unions signing. Please let me know!

  7. As a white person I have complicity in racism and want to stand in solidarity with my fellow nurses who are people of color.

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