Nursing Practice and Education Commission Addresses Workplace Violence

nurse workplace violence

By Jackie Russell, RN JD

Jackie Russell RN, JD
MNA Nursing Practice and Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Nursing Practice and Regulatory Affairs Specialist


The Commission on Nursing Practice and Education (“NP&E”) met on May 16, 2019 at the MNA office in Saint Paul. With so many changes in nursing practice as a result of Lean management and short staffing, the NP&E has recently made it a top priority of the commission to write three position papers or FAQs on relevant nursing practice topics before the end of the year.  The exact topics have not been decided, yet. Is there a practice issue you would like to see addressed? Email me at


Highlights from the meeting were robust discussions on workplace violence. Angela Oseland, RN, gave an impromptu presentation on her experiences of workplace violence in her facility and the challenges of working with management to make changes, which have still not been addressed. Did you know that OSHA (besides being interested in work hazards such as extension cords and working fire extinguishers) is also interested in your workplace violence reports? It’s true. In a recent facility investigation, OSHA requested all workplace violence reports. So please, please be sure to fill out a Concern for Safe Staffing (CFSS) report if unsafe staffing resulted in workplace violence as evidence of the seriousness and number of assaults. 

NP&E Commissioners

MNA’s Staffing Specialist, Carrie Mortrud, RN and administrative assistant, Lily Anthony, received reports of 24 workplace violence incidents on CFSS forms in April alone (tracking nurse assaults and injuries related to short staffing and workplace violence were recently added to the CFSS forms). What would improve safety at your workplace?


Come to Convention in Duluth for our education on Workplace Violence! Anyone can come to the education sessions, even if you’re not a delegate to the House of Delegates. [link]


In addition to workplace violence, NP&E discussed other nursing practice concerns such as, new nurses being taken off orientation too early so the nurse could fill a staffing need, the new “Colors” Mental Health Assessment Tool, I-Pass, Remote Tele, and After-Visit-Summaries. Look for Deb Meyer’s article on Telehealth/Telemedicine in relation to lack of touch and face-to-face communication in MNA’s upcoming Spring Accent.


The following Commissions and Committees provided updates:

·      MNA Board of Directors,

·      Governmental Affairs Committee,

·      Metro Stewards,

·      Convention Planning and Bylaws Committee,

·      Health and Safety Committee,

·      Racial Diversity Committee,

·      Ethics Committee, and the

·      Minnesota Nurses Association Foundation


 Commission on Nursing Practice & Education Commissioners:

·      Lynnetta Muehlhauser, RN, Chair from Abbott Northwestern. (Appointed: 02-31-2018).

·      Deb Meyer, RN, BAN, Vice Chair. Retired, Worthington. (Appointed: 01-01-2018).

·      Angela Oseland, RN from North Memorial Health Care (Appointed: 01-01-2018).

·      Gladys Igbo, RN, MSN from Abbott Northwestern Hospital (Appointed: 01-01-2018).

·      Niki Gjere, MA, MS, RN, APRN, BC from Fairview Riverside Campus. (Appointed: 01-01-2018).

·      Sherri Lidholm, RN from Essentia Health- Deer River (Appointed: 01-01-2018).

·      Kelly Harty, RN from United Hospital (Appointed: 01-01-2018).

·      Mischelle Knipe, RN from Unity Hospital (Appointed: 02-21-2018).

·       Newly appointed 04-17-2019 is Jessica Huber, RN


MNA Staff Facilitators:

Geri Katz, Nursing Practice, Education, and Special Projects Manager, and

Jackie Russell, RN, JD, Nursing Practice and Regulatory Affairs Specialist


The Minnesota State Fair will be here before we know it! NP&E looks forward to seeing you at the fair during Adopt a Day at the Minnesota State Fair on August 28.