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2013-Adverse-EventNurses of the Minnesota Nurses Association are pleased to see reductions in adverse events as reported in the 2013 Adverse Event Report by the Minnesota Department of Health but caution patients that the annual report of preventable errors in hospitals doesn’t tell the whole story of patient safety. They say no patient should suffer a fatal fall if they receive the proper nursing care.  Read More of MNA’s Statement

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NurseERNext fall, patients will be able to report adverse events in a limited time.  They’ll be able to initiate an investigation with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality if they feel they were given the wrong medication or suffered a negative patient outcome.  The report will then go to the RAND Corporation and the ECRI Institute, which investigates medical errors.

While originally supportive of the idea, the American Hospital Association touted the empowerment of patients when the idea was originally proposed last year.  Original story is here.

Now that the program is about to begin comes the warning that patients don’t have the background to assess what’s an adverse event and may merely complain when they’re not satisfied. 
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How the American Health Care System Killed My Father    Nor is he dead because of indifferent nursing—without exception, his nurses were dedicated and compassionate.

Hospital Exposes Patients to Needless Radiation For The Money   Cardiologists and the Infirmary Health System in Mobile, Ala., are accused of needlessly exposing patients to radiation in a nine-year-running kickback scheme tainting an estimated $522 million in Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare reimbursements since 2004.

2013 a Banner Year for Minnesota Children’s Mental Health    In-reach services were added so that care could be provided when a child leaves the hospital or emergency room to help reduce readmissions and ensure a smooth transition.
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