MNA NewsScan, July 10, 2013: Hospital scam puts patients at risk; ACA intensifies debate on patient safety standards


How the American Health Care System Killed My Father    Nor is he dead because of indifferent nursing—without exception, his nurses were dedicated and compassionate.

Hospital Exposes Patients to Needless Radiation For The Money   Cardiologists and the Infirmary Health System in Mobile, Ala., are accused of needlessly exposing patients to radiation in a nine-year-running kickback scheme tainting an estimated $522 million in Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare reimbursements since 2004.

2013 a Banner Year for Minnesota Children’s Mental Health    In-reach services were added so that care could be provided when a child leaves the hospital or emergency room to help reduce readmissions and ensure a smooth transition.

Reorganization Underway at North Memorial   “The employer, North Memorial has told nurses that some are being laid off due to unit closure and merger.”

How Oregon is Getting “Frequent Flyers” Out of the ER   Oregon’s health care experiment allows Pearlstein to help Seals and other Medicaid patients much like a family member might. She helped him schedule doctor appointments, and went with him to make sure he understood what he had to do. She also helped him get dialysis and take his medications correctly.


ACA Intensifies Hospital RN Staffing Debate     The Affordable Care Act, which is expected to boost hospital admissions, has intensified a decades-old battle over the number of nurses who should be available to patients at all times.

Shift Workers Face Higher Miscarriage Risk; Subfertility    Women who work irregular shifts suffer more disrupted menstrual cycles, miscarriages and reduced fertility, according to an analysis of data from previous studies presented at a scientific meeting in London.


State Workers to Vote on New Contracts   The proposals include 3 percent raises for each of the next two years and would require state employees to pay more for their health insurance.