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By Katie Gjertson

MNA Political Coordinator


It is a difficult time to be an apolitical TV watcher this time of year. Our TV and airwaves are flooded with unprecedented levels of political advertising and negativity seems to be at its peak. To lighten things up, I am sharing the best ads I’ve seen across the country that inspire and delight.

An important note that the Minnesota Nurses Association does not endorse any of these candidates.

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 “Do It for Gerald’s Family”

In this ad, family members make an earnest plea for voters to send Travis County Commissioner in Texas back to work.
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By Julie Anderson, RN

Governmental Affairs Commissioner


There is a lot at stake in the upcoming midterm elections. Like many other nurses, I was excited to find out that a fellow nurse and an inspiring leader, Erin Murphy, was running for governor. I thrusted myself into the campaign and volunteered with the Nurses for Erin campaign. I did phonebanks, door knocks, attended meetings, had face to face interactions, attended the DFL convention as a delegate, and, of course, I voted for Erin for Minnesota governor in the primaries. After the primary went the other way without Erin Murphy representing the DFL on the ballot, I suddenly found myself asking “what now?” I realized, though, that my work was far from over.
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Rick Fuentes
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(St. Paul) –   September 5, 2018 –  The Board of Directors of the Minnesota Nurses Association has voted to endorse Congressman Tim Walz in his bid to be Minnesota’s next Governor and Representative Peggy Flanagan as the next Lieutenant Governor.  Nurses based their decision on screening sessions before and after the primary that demonstrated Walz and Flanagan’s dedication to expanding access to healthcare for all Minnesotans and the protection of union rights for all workers.
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Contact: Barb Brady
(office) 651-414-2849
(cell) 651-202-0845

Rick Fuentes
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(cell) 612-741-0662

(St. Paul) – August 24, 2018 – The Board of Directors of the Minnesota Nurses Association has voted to endorse Congress member Keith Ellison in his bid to be Minnesota’s next Attorney General. Nurses based their decision on Ellison’s years of continued support for healthcare and justice policies and confidence that Ellison would use the Attorney General’s office to act as the consumer advocate that fights to increase Minnesotans’ access to affordable and accessible health care.
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By Megan Gavin

MNA Education Specialist


I’ve knocked a few doors in my life, but this weekend I had the best conversations with voters I’ve ever had!

I talked to one man in his early 30s who wasn’t sure who he was voting for. I told him why I was supporting DFL State Rep. Erin Murphy for Governor. I asked this voter what issues mattered to him. He started by saying immigration. He talked about his work and said that it relied on immigrants’ labor. He was concerned about the efforts to curb immigration. He paused, and then he asked me if I knew Erin’s position on, in his words, “protecting his marriage.” I listened as he explained to me that some people don’t want him to be able to stay with his partner.
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By Stefanie Asante-Totimeh, RN

Government Affairs Commissioner


As nurses, we are advocates and leaders who continually work on behalf of our patients and community. We are also involved in decisions that affect our workplace and communities when we partake actively in our union and our workplace.

The professional nursing population provides a unique perspective. We celebrate our differences, and, in turn, we are at the forefront of providing patient-centered care and decisions. How then does political awareness come into play with nursing?

Political awareness as a nurse does not necessarily mean being affiliated with a political party.
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By Shannon Cunningham

MNA Director of Governmental and Community Relations


Nurses believed that Erin Murphy would be Minnesota’s DFL endorsed candidate for Governor, and they were right. Nurses also believe that Erin Murphy will be our next Governor.  I’m the lucky one who gets to tell you not only why she should be, but why she will be the first nurse Governor in the United States.


While many candidates are approaching the election with caution, Erin Murphy is doing things differently. Instead of focusing on what makes us different and divides us, she is talking about what unites us.
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For Immediate Release                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Contact: Barbara Brady
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Rick Fuentes
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(Mankato) – June 20, 2018 – The Minnesota Nurses Association condemn the continued “Zero Tolerance” policy of the Trump Administration that has incarcerated immigrant children at the US border.  The MNA Board of Directors issued a resolution today that President Donald Trump’s Executive Order continues to violate federal law and cause severe and irreparable harm to these children.

“As nurses, we cannot ignore the health implications of Trump’s immigration policies,” said Mary C.
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By Laura Sayles

MNA Government Affairs Specialist

Just a day after the 2018 Session ended, it’s still hard to know the final outcome of Session. The Governor has 14 days to decide whether to sign or veto a variety of bills: the omnibus budget bill, a second tax bill that also contains some money for school safety, the bonding bill, and the pension bill are among those that are waiting for Dayton to take action.

While it may feel like a lot of legislating takes place behind closed doors and late at night, we already know that the voices of the citizens of Minnesota made a difference in ensuring that the Interstate Nurse Licensure Compact and the Medicaid Work Requirements bill did not pass this Session.
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By Jackie O’Shea

MNA Political Organizer


Politics affects every part of our lives to the point where I believe it can be overwhelming for people. Minnesota’s political landscape this year is large; the amount of work to be done is extremely daunting; there are too many elections; and there’s not enough time to pay attention, much less volunteer for all of them. However, every election, no matter how big or small, is extremely important. I understand why some voters need to tune it out. It’s too much for me at times, and it’s my job to pay attention.
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