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(St. Paul, MN – Feb. 14, 2014)    32 registered nurses at Abbott Northwestern Westhealth Emergency Department and Urgent Care on Thursday overwhelmingly voted for a voice at work through contract representation by the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA). In a secret ballot election, conducted by the National Labor Relations Board, nurses voted by 92% to join MNA.

Many of the nurses at the new stand-alone emergency/urgent care unit located in the Twin Cities suburb of Plymouth have worked at other MNA contract facilities  and were eager for the same opportunity to have a voice in their workplace to be able to advocate for themselves and their patients. 
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Megan 2“I’d go back tomorrow,” states MNA member Megan Cassidy if she were asked to return to typhoon-ravaged Roxas City, Philippines.  And she’d be warmly welcomed by residents as well as the Registered Nurse Relief Network (RNRN) operation continuing to provide health services nearly three months after the area was decimated.

“The people we served are so appreciative that we keep coming,” said Cassidy who is back at her job as a pediatric nurse at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis after volunteering in the Philippines from Jan. 15 – 27.  “But at the end of the day, it was my privilege to be there,” she added. 
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On Monday, Dec. 23, nearly 100 nurses and community supporters gathered in sub-zero  weather determined to send  a message of solidarity to Allina corporation.  “We give first-rate care to our patients, and we don’t deserve to be treated like second-class citizens,” said nurse Linda Held.

Allina assumed ownership of Regina Medical Center in Hastings in the Fall 2013, but current contract negotiations have come up short on proposals to provide  benefits that are equal to other Allina facilities, some just a short 20-minute drive away.

MNA has negotiated equitable insurance and pension benefits for nurses at Allina facilities in other cities beyond the metro area, such as Buffalo and Cambridge.  
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By Anna Rathbun, RN

We all made it safe and sound to Roxas city.  The airport missing part of its roof. We went to a more rural setting from there.  So far, we have seen over 1,200 patients.  We are paired with a team from Singapore with two doctors and four nurses.  Nurses with the National Nurses United RNRN program have been doing triage and procedures like wound debridgement and incision and drainage.   We have one nurse practitioner and I am one of five RNs.  People here have lots of respiratory problems because so many people here burn their trash every night.   There are constant fires, and most houses are built only a few meters from the roads. 
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Minnesota Nurse Heads to the Philippines to Aid Disaster Victims

As usual, Duluth registered nurse Anna Rathbun is spending her holidays caring for others, but this year she will be half a world away from her hometown, as she tends to victims of a hurricane-ravaged country. She is joining the third wave of nurses to be sent to the Philippines by the RN Response Network (RNRN), coordinated by National Nurses United. Rathbun is serving in Roxas City, on the Panay Island to provide medical support for those affected by the Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.
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“They’ve lost everything,” Rathbun said, “and the place where I hope to go is one of the impoverished areas of the Philippines. 

Members of the Minnesota Nurses Association gathered in St. Paul Oct. 13 – 16 to set the wheels in motion of another eventful year ahead.   Gathering for the 108th time in the history of the organization, nurses made noteworthy operational changes; attended provocative education sessions; shared experiences during networking opportunities and took time to honor the achievements of colleagues who have made significant contributions to nursing and MNA.

“Our journey ahead will result in the advancement of our nursing profession through the solidarity of bedside nurses,” declared MNA President Linda Hamilton as she welcomed the elected leaders during opening ceremonies of the House of Delegates.
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Bravo to Theresa Brown, RN, for writing an eye-opening Op-Ed, exposing the dangers faced by patients when not enough nurses are on duty.  The New York Times published her opinion on Sun., Aug. 18, which puts this issue front and center, where it should be.   Read the OpEd here.  
We encourage you to read the entire piece, along with the Comments Section AND participate in the online discussion.
Brown mentions only one piece of legislation being considered by Congress to address the issue of poor staffing levels, but it is important to know that efforts are being led by nursing communities (including National Nurses United) to advance other bills on the federal and state levels as well.
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Nurses often take their skills beyond the bedside.  They travel the world showing compassion for the world’s sick and suffering, spreading a single-standard of care for all people, and ensuring a just distribution of life’s basic necessities.  However, saving the world can mean starting with the questions, “where do I go?” and “what can I do that will actually make a difference?”

Nurses can answer those questions in classes offered through the Institute for Women’s Leadership at Rutgers University.  The Global Women’s Health Leadership certificate program was developed with National Nurses United, and enrollment is open for classes in the fall of 2013.
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By Linda HamiltonLinda-Hamilton_1

Nurses share a common theme:  they are totally committed to their co-workers, the communities they serve and to delivering safe patient care.  That’s what NNU Co-President Jean Ross, Board Director Mary Turner, and I saw in Ely, Virginia, International Falls, and Hibbing.

What a great road trip we had as nurses shared with us their stories of the joys and struggles of working in some of our Greater Minnesota hospitals.  Some of them bravely work in critical access hospitals such as, International Falls and Ely, and some are dedicated care-givers in larger facilities, such as Hibbing and Virginia.
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MNA at the 2013 Staff Nurse Assembly   Minnesota nurses made up one of the biggest collections of delegates at the annual National Nurses United conference in San Francisco.

Global Nurses United of Nurse, Healthcare Unions, Born   Leaders of the premiere nurses and health care workers unions in 14 nations in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe have announced plans to form a new international organization to step up the fight against the harmful effects of austerity measures, privatization, and cuts in health care services that they say are putting people and communities at risk across the planet.
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