Nurses endorse 25 additional candidates in state legislative races


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Endorsees include incumbents and candidates in open races who have pledged to work with nurses on key issues like the Keeping Nurses at the Bedside Act 

(St. Paul) – July 26, 2022 – Nurses of the Minnesota Nurses Association today endorsed 25 candidates in races for the Minnesota Legislature, including candidates running in open races and incumbent candidates recognized for their various levels of leadership and partnership with nurses to make progress on issues important to nurses and patients.

This year, key issues for MNA nurses in selecting candidates to endorse for election include support for the Keeping Nurses at the Bedside Act; opposition to the Outsourcing Care Compact; and defense of workers’ collective bargaining rights and opposition to so-called “right-to-work” laws. Nurses will encourage fellow members and the voting public to support those who will put healthcare workers and patients before profits and the corporate healthcare policies of hospital executives.

MNA nurses will encourage fellow nurses and the public to elect endorsed candidates through phone- and text-banking, door-knocking, digital advertisements and more. Following is the list of candidates endorsed by MNA nurses today. Additional information on the MNA endorsement process and on endorsed candidates can be found at

Incumbents: MNA Advocates

  1. Zack Stephenson (HD 35A)
  2. John Huot (HD 56B)
  3. Mohamud Noor (HD 60B)
  4. Frank Hornstein (HD 61A)
  5. Aisha Gomez (HD 62A)
  6. Melissa Halvorson Wicklund (SD 51)
  7. Sandy Pappas (SD 65)

Incumbents: MNA Supporters

  1. Kelly Moller (HD 40A)
  2. Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn (HD 49B)
  3. Jess Hanson (HD 55A)
  4. Jamie Long (HD 61B)
  5. Kaohly Her (HD 64A)
  6. Jim Carlson (SD 52)

Incumbents: MNA Endorsed

  1. Luke Frederick (HD 18B)
  2. Esther Agbaje (HD 59B)

Open Races: MNA Endorsed

  1. Reed Olson (HD 2A)
  2. Jeff Brand (HD 18A)
  3. Tom Stiehm (HD 23B)
  4. Jerry Newton (HD 35B)
  5. Patty Acomb (HD 45B)
  6. Brad Tabke (HD 54A)
  7. Liz Lee (HD 67A)
  8. Nancy McLean (SD 33)
  9. Heather Gustafson (SD 36)
  10. Farhio Khalif (SD 37)



  1. Any conservatives,republicans,libertarians,right wingers? Nope. Just the usual liberal communistic types. Surprised? Not me, these endorsements come from the left wing leadership of the MNA. Does anyone miss Trump yet or are you content with the inflation,disgrace,violence and general societal disruption the governmental liberals are gifting us with?
    The old RN

  2. Didn’t Mohamed Noor kill Justine Damond? How can he run for office?

  3. In response to BH: MNA has endorsed Senator Jim Abeler, a Republican from Anoka. Senator Abeler was screened by nurses and his responses aligned with nurse values and priorities.

  4. MNA has endorsed Senator Jim Abeler, a Republican from Anoka area. Senator Abeler was screened by nurses and his responses aligned with nurse values and priorities.

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