Statement on Mankato Mayo Decertification Vote



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(St. Paul) – July 25, 2022 – The following is a statement from Tammie Fromm, Operating Room RN at Mayo Clinic Mankato, on the outcome of today’s vote at the Mayo Mankato hospital:

“For decades, since long before Mayo Health System purchased our community’s hospital, nurses here have proudly stood together to fight for better conditions for local workers and patients in our hospitals. Despite our efforts, local nurses faced a highly powered, well-funded outside national organization bent on undermining worker power and collective bargaining rights.

The removal of the union marks another sad step in the corporatization of community healthcare in Southern Minnesota, following moves by Mayo Clinic to close and consolidate services in other communities while their CEO makes millions. I am hopeful that committed nurses in Mankato will seek out ways to continue to make our collective voices heard in our hospital and our community.

As outside anti-worker forces set their sights on other healthcare workers in our state, it is more important than ever that nurses stand together with other workers, patients, and our community to hold corporate power accountable to local interests.”




  1. Sorry to hear how Glen Taylor/family and the Right to Work Foundation lured nurses away from the protection of union work. By simply saving the cost of monthly dues, Mankato nurses are about to learn how lagging wages not only impact their households, but the community at large. By simply saving the cost of monthly dues, they now face the full force of corporate business decisions to close, consolidate, eliminate departments. What a sad sad day for the Mankato nurses.

  2. I’ve worked in both MNA and non-union facilities. I have heard the arguments many times that Rochester nurses benefit from wages from MNA shops. The truth is Rochester does not cast a net to the metro area when doing wage comparisons. What the flagship does do is treat their staff with respect and fair wages. Insurance is good. As a union nurse in the Fairview system, I can say that compulsory membership is a lifestyle. They even have their own insurance which for some may be better but only if you are in certain areas.
    Time will tell how this plays out for the nurses in Mankato. Mayo Clinic Health System (MCHS) is not Mayo Clinic after all. I do not think the sky will fall as soon as management is free of the union. One thing I know for sure is that there will not be the constant “us verses them” rhetoric that union members endure. Staffing will continue to be an issue like it is at all organizations, union and non-union, and the sun will come up tomorrow.

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