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Hospitals are quick to say it’s no big deal if RNs are on strike and that patients are as safe as ever. However a new study by the National Bureau of Economic Research finds that RN strikes increase in-hospital mortality by 19.4% and 30-day readmission by 6.5% for patients admitted during a strike. The study suggests that hospitals functioning during nurses strikes are doing so at a lower quality of patient care.
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Hundreds of Minnesota Nurses to Rally Saturday
Gathering in Hopkins focused on patient safety, advocacy as nurses continue contract negotiations with area hospitals

ST. PAUL – More than 900 Minnesota nurses are expected to gather Saturday for a boisterous public rally focused on the importance of patient safety and advocacy as RNs continue contract negotiations with several Twin Cities hospital systems.

“On the heels of the historic healthcare legislation passed earlier this week, attention is focused on this industry like never before,” said Minnesota Nurses Association President Linda Hamilton, who works as an RN in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis.
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Employers Propose Major Reductions
Our pension plan is the envy of registered nurses around the country. It is a benefit that we negotiated years ago and have worked hard to protect. Many of us have worked for years in our hospitals, providing quality patient care every day, and deserve a pension that will allow us to retire when we are ready.

Pension bargaining with our employers got under way on Friday, March 5. We proposed moderate improvements to our pension. Our employers, on the other hand, proposed three major reductions in pension benefits.

Our Proposals


In case you missed it, here’s a short video summarizing what was truly an amazing turnout from hundreds upon hundreds of Minnesotans from all over the state and all walks of life. We all came together to demand our legislators restore the General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC) program, which provides health insurance for the poor and homeless in our state. Truly an incredible event!
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