Minnesota Board of Nursing

By Mathew J. Keller, RN JDDSC_8097
MNA Regulatory and Policy Nursing Specialist

Those of us who collaborate with LPNs on a daily basis have come to respect their knowledge and experience in caring for patients. We know that LPNs are an important part of the patient care team. In fact, many MNA RNs started out as LPNs. That vital experience has proven to them that while both roles are valuable, they’re not interchangeable. Any facility that’s thinking of weathering any kind of storm by just staffing more LPNs will be inviting trouble and risk.

There are several differences in LPN vs.
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By Mathew Keller, RN JD, MNA Regulatory and Policy Nursing Specialist

In early August, Minnesota registered nurse Andy Gladstein had just completed his third week of an online RN to MSN program via Grand Canyon State University in Arizona.  Andy had entered the program to further his education in response to national calls for increased nurse education, and he was excited about his progress. Much to his surprise, Andy was suddenly and without warning disenrolled by his university due to the Minnesota Board of Nursing’s old-fashioned views of online education. Because of the Board’s outdated views, Andy’s university was no longer willing to offer its courses to students located in Minnesota. 
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