Take advantage of the MNA Financial Wellness Program during the COVID-19 crisis

MNA members are understandably concerned about their financial situation and how market volatility is potentially affecting their financial plans during the COVID-19 crisis. We encourage members with financial questions to take advantage of the free services available through the MNA Financial Wellness Program and Dorval & Chorne Financial advisors.

Daniel Dorval, CFP, President and CEO of Dorval & Chorne Financial Advisors reached out to let MNA members know program is available during this crisis:

“Nurses serve on the front lines of dealing with infectious diseases. We are so thankful for their duty in helping to keep all of us healthy. We pray for their safety and well-being as they work hard to help others navigate through this crisis. They are there for us, so we are going to be there for them if they need financial help, planning, and advice during this trying time.”

The mission of the MNA Financial Wellness program is to help MNA members improve their overall financial well-being and increase the security of their financial future by providing access to a comprehensive source of independent, objective financial advice and planning. Learn more about this program and other member benefits here.

Dorval & Chorne are available for in-person meetings as well as answering questions by video conference, phone, or email. To schedule a consultation, contact Keagan Kinsella at kkinsella@dorvalchorne.com or (612) 347-8611.