Scholarship Fund Supports Two New Nurses

By Becky VonBank

Becky VonBank, RN
MNA Member

MNA Member


As a nurse, many of us have a nurturing ability within us. During my years of nursing, I found that when I shared my acquired knowledge with others, I supported my colleagues’ growth. My passion to learn became deeper, my professional practice became stronger, and patients and their families received better care.


I returned to Creighton University in Omaha to achieve a higher level of autonomy in the nursing practice, support my passion for lifelong learning, and gain more knowledge to share with others. I will graduate in May 2019 with my Acute and Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, which might not have happened without receiving an MNA Scholarship.  MNA supported my ability to be a transformational leader.

Becky VonBank and her daughter, Gabrielle


I have been a member of MNA for 20 years and this was my first year applying for an MNA scholarship. I was honored to receive my scholarship but even more honored when my daughter also received the Legacy Scholarship. Apparently my nurturing ability wore off on my daughter. She is currently working towards her nursing degree and will complete her general requirements this fall and plans to start her core courses this spring at South Central College in Mankato.


Donors of the MNA foundation support not only an individual’s educational advancement, but are investing in the future of the nursing profession. One donation contributes to safe patient care practices, evidence-based research projects that change the face of healthcare, and various other practice improvement processes. Every contribution makes a difference. Every donor’s benevolence touches the heart of a patient.


Gabrielle VonBank

Thank you to the MNA Scholarship Foundation and its contributors who graciously gave both my daughter and I the scholarships to transform our nursing careers.