Running for MNA leadership – an experience you won’t regret!

By Cassie Snodgrass, RN, MNA Elections Committee Chair

MNA is YOU! You are what makes MNA a union – for nurses, made up of nurses, and led by nurses! Have you thought about running for a leadership position at MNA? There are so many benefits – it gives you a chance to shape policy and organization-wide positions. Do you feel strongly about setting the direction MNA is taking and establishing yearly goals or legislative priorities? Serving in a union leadership position will make your voice even more prominent and help sharpen your interpersonal and communications skills.

Consider serving in an MNA organization-wide leadership position on one of the following bodies:

  • Board of Directors
  • Commission on Governmental Affairs
  • Commission on Nursing Practice and Education
  • Elections Committee
  • Council of Active Retired Nurses (CARn) Leadership
  • MN AFL-CIO Delegate

Even if you don’t win, you’ll gain valuable insight and skills that could help you in your work and interpersonal relationships. Running for a union leadership position will also give you an up-close look at how the union works, and provide insight into what can be done to make it better – and actually getting to enact those changes!

Running for office of any kind can certainly be intimidating. And while it is a challenge, the rewards are more than worth it. You can help ensure that nurses (and future nurses) have and continue to have the life and livelihood they deserve. If you’re not quite ready to serve on the organization-wide level, consider running for a local leadership position such as Chair, Steward, or Contract Action Team (CAT) in your bargaining unit. So, do your part – and run for MNA leadership today!

Remember, YOU are the union!

The 2023 Call for Candidates begins on April 15. For more information, log on to the MNA Member Center and click the MNA Elections link in the top menu.