Press Release: Striking nurses, St. Paul RLF contribute to community with blood drive

(St. Paul) – September 8, 2016 – Striking MNA nurses and the St. Paul Regional Labor Federation are showing their commitment to the community with a blood drive on September 9.

Nurses from United Hospital and the St. Paul Regional Labor Federation have arranged for the Red Cross to hold a blood drive at the St. Paul Regional Labor Federation offices at 353 West 7th Street between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

“Doing things to give back to  the community helps nurses feel like we’re still taking care of patients while we’re on strike,” said United RN Kelsey Swenson, who took the lead in organizing the blood drive. “Even though I’m not at the bedside hanging the blood – I’m helping to collect and donate blood on behalf of the nurses. We’re donating and giving back.”

“While nurses are out on strike we are still taking care of our community by donating blood,” said MNA United Co-Chair Bunny Engeldorf. “We are committed to caring for people even when we can’t be at the bedside, where we prefer to be.”


  1. This is why nursing is by far the most trusted profession. We all love nurses.

  2. I have friends who are single first year nurses and will have know way to meet their mortgage, rent or car payment obligations because of this strike. They cannot cross the line because they will be frowned upon, the strike fund is a joke and its not exactly as easy gor a new nurse to work elsewhere as an experienced nurse. Not to mention my friends are already on the allina plan so they are being forced to strike for something they dont want. Eventually these nurses will be forced to cross and Allina knows this. You want your strike to succeed, you need to take better financial care of your nurses, or st least place them on otger temp roles for the duration.

  3. No. True bacterial or viral pink eye” is not connected to allergies or pollen counts or immunity or vitamin D deficiency.

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