Press Release: Minnesota Nurses Endorse State Representative Erin Murphy for Governor

For Immediate Release

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(St. Paul) – September 20, 2017 – The Board of Directors of the Minnesota Nurses Association voted on Wednesday to endorse fellow nurse Representative Erin Murphy (DFL-St. Paul) for Governor of Minnesota.  The MNA Board followed the recommendation of the nurse members’ screening committee that screened eight candidates from the DFL, GOP, and Independent parties on Saturday, September 9.

“Nurses decided to endorse Erin Murphy not just because she’s a fellow registered nurse,” said Mary C. Turner, president of MNA.  “Nurses decided to endorse Erin because she’s been pivotal in expanding access to healthcare for thousands of Minnesotans.”

Nurses cited Murphy’s leadership during her term as Minnesota House Majority Leader in protecting and expanding MinnesotaCare, her dedication to eliminate disparities that unfairly impact people of color, and her efforts to rectify the short staffing issues that continue in hospitals across the state.  Rep. Murphy introduced an amendment during this year’s budget debate for the departments of health and human services that would’ve protected nurses who were too overloaded to take on another patient assignment.

“Erin has also proven that she will do what’s right for all Minnesotans,” Turner said.  “She helped turn around our state’s revenues with taxes on tobacco and the top earners while protecting the middle class and investments in education and healthcare.”

Murphy told the nurse selection committee of her vision for growth in Minnesota, expanding access to patient care for everyone in the state, support for nurse-to-patient ratios, Single Payer insurance, and Earned Safe and Sick Time for all workers in Minnesota.  Nurses on the committee each assessed the candidates’ answers on a questionnaire and their individual interviews.  They voted through a straw poll that gave Murphy the highest number of votes.  The board members took that straw poll result into consideration along with nurses’ written assessments when they made their final vote for endorsement.

“The nurses have spoken,” Turner said, “and they will stand by their candidate.  MNA can mobilize members statewide to get the word out about which candidate stands for nurse values and patients’ well-being.”