Nurses Endorse 27 Advocates, Supporters, Candidates for Reelection in 2022 State Legislative Races


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Lauren Nielsen
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Endorsees include those recognized for their leadership and partnership with nurses on key issues like the Keeping Nurses at the Bedside Act 

(St. Paul) – June 23, 2022 – Nurses of the Minnesota Nurses Association today endorsed 27 incumbent members of the Minnesota Legislature for reelection in 2022, including 15 MNA Advocates and 10 MNA Supporters. These endorsement levels, like the “MNA Champions” announced earlier this week, recognize leadership and partnership with nurses to make progress on issues important to nurses and patients.

This year, key issues for MNA nurses in selecting candidates to endorse for election include support for the Keeping Nurses at the Bedside Act; opposition to the Outsourcing Care Compact; and defense of workers’ collective bargaining rights and opposition to so-called “right-to-work” laws. Nurses will encourage fellow members and the voting public to support those who will put healthcare workers and patients before the profit-seeking policies of healthcare executives.

Nurse efforts to elect endorsed candidates through phone- and text-banking, door-knocking, digital advertisements and more will focus on candidate support for MNA priorities like the Keeping Nurses at the Bedside Act and other pledged positions.

Following is the list of candidates endorsed by MNA nurses today, by endorsement level. Additional information on the MNA endorsement process and on endorsed candidates can be found at

MNA Advocates

  1. Rob Ecklund (HD 3A)
  2. Kristin Bahner (HD 37B)
  3. Michael Nelson (HD 38A)
  4. Sandra Feist (HD39B)
  5. Jamie Becker-Finn (HD 40B)
  6. Ginny Klevorn (HD 42B)
  7. Mike Freiberg (HD 43B)
  8. Peter Fischer (HD 44A)
  9. Rick Hansen (HD 53B)
  10. Emma Greenman (HD 63B)
  11. Dave Pinto (HD 64B)
  12. Steve Cwodzinski (SD 49)
  13. Lindsey Port (SD 55)
  14. Kari Dziedzic (SD 60)
  15. Scott Dibble (SD 61)

MNA Supporters

  1. Julie Sandstede (HD 7A)
  2. Cheryl Youakim (HD 46B)
  3. Kaela Berg (HD 55B)
  4. Robert Bierman (HD 56A)
  5. Athena Hollins (HD 66B)
  6. Aric Putnam (SD 14)
  7. Mary Kunesh (SD 39)
  8. Ann Rest (SD 43)
  9. Bobby Joe Champion (SD 59)
  10. Foung Hawj (SD 67)

MNA Endorsed

  1. Nick Frentz (SD 18)
  2. John Hoffman (SD 34)


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  1. Not one conservative/republican on the list. Big surprise. It’s time for conservative, pro life nurses who value family,2nd amendment rights,protection for all citizens including the unborn,property owners, those of us who know what sex we are and what that means, religious folk,and honest tax paying citizens to stand up to a one sided union whose only value system is bedrocked in a liberal socialist communistic party that has no regard for police, societal peace, the most venerable of our citizens, our constitution and our ability to defend ourselves from the nerdowells in today’s troubled world. Congrats mna leadership in once again showing your true colors.
    The old RN

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