Nominate someone to be honored by MNA

Written by Mary Kirsling, Retired RN from Essentia Health – St. Mary’s Duluth, Member of Honors & Awards Committee

I have been a member of the MNA Honors and Awards Committee for several years. While I have served on many committees, this is my favorite. We have the privilege of learning about nurses who excel–individuals who mentor, inspire, encourage, lead, educate, and innovate. As a previous recipient, I cannot overstate how thrilling it is and how much it means to receive one of these awards. Most recipients are unaware of the difference they make and recognition from peers is one of the best honors to receive.

This is a call to all members for nominations!

The following are the awards are available:

  • President’s Award (selected by Mary C. Turner, MNA President)
  • Distinguished Service Award
  • Creative Nursing Award
  • Nurse Educator Award
  • Nurse Researcher Award
  • Mentorship in Nursing Award
  • Ruth L. Hass Excellence in Practice Award
  • Paul and Sheila Wellstone Social Justice Award (open to non-MNA members)
  • Elizabeth Shogren Health and Safety Award
  • Audrey Logsdon/Geraldine Wedel Award 
  • Sarah Tarleton Colvin Political Activist Award
  • Public Official Award (open to non-MNA members)

Please beat the July 1 deadline for submissions. You may nominate multiple people for one or more of these awards.

I am sure that every nurse knows someone who fits one of these categories! You all know someone who inspired you, mentored you, excels in their area of expertise, is a community volunteer/organizer, is a nurse advocate in labor, or is someone you admire or wish to emulate.

Please nominate someone to be honored at the MNA convention in October by clicking on the link below.