MNA NewsScan, January 16, 2013: Where’s the love from NIH for RNs?


Nursing Receives Unproportionately Low Percentage of NIH Budget   Specifically, nurses get 0.75% of the US National Institutes of Health budget, even though nurses make up the majority of health professionals in the US.

Nurse-Led Recycling Initiative Reduces OR Waste   Pallotta and her OR colleagues were spurred to action when they read a study that found a large proportion of OR products could be recycled. What followed was a nurse-driven, evidence-based study and analysis of HackensackUMC’s practices and how they could be altered.


MnSCU, 4-year Faculty Reach Contract Agreement    The agreement includes a 2.2 percent pay raise, retroactive to last fall, said Nancy Black, president of the Inter Faculty Organization. If approved, it will be the first across-the-board salary bump most of the 3,600 faculty members have seen in four years, she said.

NYC School Bus Drivers on Strike    “We’ve tried every option to avoid a strike, but our members feel that their back is to a wall and they must take a stand on this issue,” Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1181 President Michael Cordiello yesterday.

Union Members Recommit to Expanded and Improved Health Care for All   More than two hundred union leaders and activists gathered in Chicago for the Labor Campaign’s fourth national conference to strategize about next steps for labor in the movement to win universal health care. With government officials from both major parties contemplating cuts in Medicare as part of a “grand bargain,” delegates resolved to stand up to any cuts in this cornerstone social insurance program.


35% of Americans Ask Dr. Google for Diagnosis   Could that mole be melanoma? Is this cough just a cold? If you have ever gone online to try to diagnose yourself, your spouse, your child or a friend, you have plenty of company, a new survey confirms.