MNA Daily NewsScan, October 2, 2012: RN on the 47%- “my patients just need help;” join the Robin Hood action today


Join nurses across the country at 2:00 p.m. TODAY (Oct. 2) as we  advocate for The Robin Hood Tax at the office of Rep. John Kline (Burnsville)

Home-Based Stroke Therapy Improves Outcomes, Eliminates Wait Times, Saves Money, Study Suggests   Home delivery of stroke rehabilitation improves care, eliminates waiting lists for treatment and saves hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in hospital costs, according to a quality improvement project presented October 1 at the Canadian Stroke Congress.

More Nursing Care Staff are Needed in Order to Curb Bacteria-related Deaths   What I saw in the nursing facilities makes me not want to be a patient there in the future. I believe staffing is currently dangerously low in Maine’s nursing facilities — and it’s allowed by Maine regulations governing the licensing of nursing facilities.

RN on the 47%:  “My Patients Don’t Feel ‘Entitled,’ They Just Need Help”  I am a nurse at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh and my patients are  diverse. They are men and women aging faster and requiring more care than their  checkbooks can keep up with.


Wal-Mart Workers Tell Wall Street About Hard Work, Low Pay   Wal-Mart Stores employees who say the world’s largest retailer’s labor practices are unfair voiced their concerns to Wall Street analysts on Monday, claiming that problems like long lines and empty shelves are systemic


Do Seniors Turn to the Right Places at End-of-Life?   A new study says almost one third of Medicare’s beneficiaries use the program to pay for end-of-life care at nursing homes, which may not be equipped to treat or prevent pain and suffering.