Methodist Bargaining Update (April 22)

Nurse – Jeanne Adomaitis, RN, Methodist

It was great to see all the nurses at bargaining today!  Unfortunately, management kept dozens of nurses waiting for 40 minutes.  For every other meeting they have been on time.

Karen Anderson, RN from Labor and Delivery, spoke eloquently about what it is like to be a nurse.

In addition to concerns about the current staffing process, we presented:

  1. A method to decrease the cost and increase the speed of grievances to go to arbitration.
  2. A plan to have an agreed-upon process for a fair and free choice to be unionized (ie Melrose).
  3. A proposal to guarantee that union work stays union work even if the location changes.  This will ensure that skilled nurses continue to provide safe patient care.

Management talked about:

  1. Slashing benefits by requiring nurses to work a minimum of .5.
  2. Allowing management to have complete control over health insurance benefits.
  3. Allowing management a way to control the maximum number of hours a nurse can work in a pay period.  We believe that nurses are professional and able to use appropriate judgment.
  4. Discontinuing the use of an external unbiased vendor to conduct exit interviews.  This only costs $25 per interview.

We want a contract that advances patient care and the nursing profession.  Shouldn’t management feel the same?

NOTE: On April 26, MNA Bargaining team members will be available to answer questions from 6am-8:30am  in Conference Room 2 (by the cafeteria) and from 1pm-4pm in the Inlet Room.