Increased Resources Will Help Nurses Build Our Union

From the MNA Board of Directors:


Many MNA nurses say they would like to be more involved in organizing, contract, electoral, and legislative campaigns, but they don’t have the time or finances because they are working.

We know that nurse involvement is key to the success of these critical initiatives to strengthen the union and the nursing profession.  MNA could enable more members to get involved by investing in programs that provide paid time off for nurses who participate in some of these campaigns, relieving them of their economic constraints.

Many unions already run time-release programs with great success.  If MNA members vote “yes” to change the dues structure to keep more resources locally without increasing dues, we would be able to invest in this type of program and free up nurses to participate in union-building activities without economically disadvantaging them.

A vote in favor of simplifying the dues structure without increasing dues and keeping more of the funds MNA now sends to National Nurses United would provide more resources for local priorities to build our union power.

Check out a video by Abbott Northwestern RN Laurie Bahr on why the MNA Board of Directors is recommending a “yes” vote to simplify dues without increasing them.

Members have until September 30 to submit absentee ballots to the MNA Office in order to be considered valid for inclusion in the vote tabulation. As this date falls on a Sunday, absentee ballots received in the MNA office by Monday, October 1, at 4:30 p.m. will be accepted.

If you don’t vote by absentee ballot, you can vote in person during the MNA Convention and House of Delegates at the Radisson Blu in Minneapolis, 35 S 7th St. October 6-8. Voting closes at 4 p.m. on Monday, October 8.  Results will be announced to members on October 10.

A YES vote means that MNA could invest more locally while keeping dues the same.  A NO vote means maintaining the status quo. Visit or contact the MNA office for more information.  The deadline to sign up to be a delegate and attend MNA’s annual convention to help make organizational decisions is September 28.

Fill out the Consent to Serve as delegate form and register for MNA Convention.  Contact Jodi Lietzau at to register.