This is Why There’s a Nurse’s Week

By Barbara Brady

Barb Brady
Barb Brady
MNA Communications Specialist

MNA Communications Specialist


There’s one MNA nurse who walks the extra mile to provide care… literally.

In spite of heavy snowstorms, MNA Hennepin Healthcare Visiting Nurse Amy Edelstein still finds ways to get to her clients – even on foot.

Following a heavy storm last February, Edelstein strapped on snowshoes to travel the 2.5 miles to her client’s home.

Amy Edelstein, RN

“I thought it was nice outside and I still get to see the client without worrying about driving conditions and parking,” she says. “I had my MVNA backpack with what I needed.”

It’s not the first time Edelstein has braved the elements to see clients. She also put on her snow boots and walked nearly two miles to visit a client and a newborn baby after a major storm this past January, carrying heavy materials for the baby and mom.

Edelstein has spent her career as a visiting nurse, starting in Ramsey County in 2001. After six years, she volunteered as a nurse (health advisor) managing two village clinics in the Dominican Republic and then moved to North Carolina for six years before moving back to Minnesota, where she has many family members.

“I love home visiting,” she says. “You get to see people where they live. The long-term relationships we build are what I love most about my job. I get to stay with clients for two or three years. I get to see mom and child change and grow. I see the whole picture of my families, not only the medical but socially and emotionally.”

Thank you, Amy, for your dedication to your clients and the nursing profession!