Thief River Falls “RN Run” Raises Funds and Fun

RN-RunThief River Falls nurses beat Boston off the starting line of the running season this year, and may have Beantown trying hard to catch up.

MNA members of the Sanford – Thief River Falls Medical Center bargaining unit are celebrating the success of their inaugural 5k RN Run on Saturday, April 19 to raise funds for the community’s D.A.R.E. program.

Nearly 60 runners participated in the event and nurses were able to deliver $836 to the organization dedicated to drug abuse resistance education.

MNA Co-Chair Tiffany Eidelbes credited nurse organizers Kayla Knutson and Karey Johnson with imagining and executing an idea that brought a sizable crowd out for the festivities. “They did an excellent job,” said Eidelbes. “We heard several runners say it was a perfect kick start for upcoming longer runs – and it was fun!” Runners grinned to see the Easter Bunny as race starter.

Community engagement in the event is especially meaningful for the nurses as they head into contract talks with hospital management. “People asked good questions about how the union contract helps us protect our patients,” said bargaining unit Vice Chair, Amber Hawkins. She believes it was an opportunity to provide good insight and background that will result in support down the road. “The event helped set a good tone,” added Hawkins.

The nurse group all agrees they definitely hope to repeat the event.

The 83 members of the MNA bargaining unit will begin talks with hospital management on May 14. The contract expires on July 31.