Tell Minnesotans: Stand with Nurses!

It’s time to show your MNA member pride on social media and get your friends, family and community to show their support during your negotiations, picketing on June 1 and beyond!

Social Media Profile Picture  

Use this graphic as your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter and as a post on Instagram. Then encourage your followers to use it as their profile and share on Instagram too! 

Step 1: Right-click the image and choose “Save Link As” 

Step 2: Follow these instructions to change your Facebook profile picture and these instructions to change your Twitter profile picture  

Step 3: Share the image on your social media profile and encourage your followers to change their profile pictures (see below for sample copy) 

Step 4: Tag MNA in your posts Twitter @MNNurses Instagram @MinnesotaNurses Facebook @MinnesotaNurses    

Sample Social Media Copy 

Stand with nurses! Change your profile picture in support, then join nurses June 1 on the picket line to show support as we fight for a fair contract!  #MNAReady #UnionStrong #PatientsBeforeProfits #SafeStaffingSavesLives