Special Update: Help Save GAMC!

The campaign to Save GAMC continues.  Visit www.SaveGAMC.org for more information.

General Assistance Medical Care Vote This Thursday
We Can’t Afford To Wait – Call Your State Representative Today

The 85,000 Minnesotans (including 8,000 military Veterans) who rely on GAMC need your voice now more than ever!

Thursday morning, February 18th, the House will take a vote on the GAMC bill (House File 2680) to either pass or defeat the measure.  We need you to call your House member today to ensure that both Democrats and Republicans support health care coverage for the poorest and sickest single adults.

Highlights of GAMC Bill (Rep. Erin Murphy – HF2680): This bill was designed to meet the health care needs of enrollees and address the expectations set forth by the Governor: reduce the cost of the program, include reform and do not raise taxes.

•   This bill reduces costs.  It will cost $281 million over 16 months. The original GAMC program would have cost over $500 million over the same time period.

•   This bill provides health coverage for 85,000 people over 16 months (Governor’s plan covers only 28,000 people for up to six months under Transitional MinnesotaCare).

•   This bill ensures those with mental health issues (70% of GAMC enrollees) continue to have access to their prescription drugs.  This will help people maintain stable housing and reduces costs to public safety and other community services.

•   This bill saves jobs. Hospitals across the state are preparing to cut hundreds of jobs if this legislation does not pass.

This Thursday, Representatives Will Vote Whether to Save GAMC:

We can’t afford to wait – Please act today!

Call or Email Your House Representative Today

Then, Forward This Information To Minnesotans Across the State:


Tell your Representative to vote yes on House File 2680 this Thursday.  Let them know that it will save jobs and dollars, protect thousands of military Veterans who rely on the program for their health care, keep our communities safe and protect the dignity of Minnesota’s poorest and sickest adults.

Ask your Representative to VOTE YES on the GAMC bill (House File 2680)

For more information, visit www.savegamc.org