Medicare Plans

Medicare Insurance Plans for MNA Members and Relatives who Qualify for Medicare

MNA makes supplemental insurance plans available to its Medicare-eligible retirees and their Medicare-eligible relatives. This is a voluntary Group Medicare plan offered through Medica Insurance and marketed by Sherri Freeman of the Holden Insurance Agency.

  • Medicare Cost/Advantage Plans (depends on the county)
  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance for MNA Members and Relatives who qualify for Medicare
  • Group Prime Solution Cost Plan/Medicare Advantage Plans (Same plan designs, depending on what county you reside in) MNA sponsors a choice from two benefit packages:

Option 1

  • Comprehensive benefits with 100% coverage for covered medical services
  • Five-tier Part D benefit with coverage gap or “donut hole”

Option 2

  • Comprehensive benefits with affordable co-pays for covered medical services;
  • Five-tier standard Part D plan;
  • MNA’s sponsored Group Benefit plans deliver all the benefits of Medicare Parts A, B, and D; plus additional benefits such as a basic health club membership through the Silver Sneakers fitness program and a Health Advocate Nurse Line to assist you with non-emergency medical questions. You, your spouse, and any eligible dependents must be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and Part B.

2024 Medica Plan Information

2024 Formulary (List of Covered Drugs)

For an application, call the Holden Agency at 715-392-1294