Medicare Plans

Medicare Plans

Medicare Insurance Plans for MNA Members and Relatives who Qualify for Medicare

MNA makes supplemental insurance plans available to its Medicare-eligible retirees and their Medicare-eligible relatives. This is a voluntary Group Medicare plan offered through Medica Insurance and marketed by Allan Winters of the Holden Insurance Agency.

  • Medicare Cost/Advantage Plans (depends on the county)
  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance for MNA Members and Relatives who qualify for Medicare
  • Group Prime Solution Cost Plan/Medicare Advantage Plans (Same plan designs, depending on what county you reside in) MNA sponsors a choice from two benefit packages:

Option 1

  • Comprehensive benefits with 100% coverage for covered medical services
  • Five-tier Part D benefit with coverage gap or “donut hole”

Option 2

  • Comprehensive benefits with affordable co-pays for covered medical services;
  • Five-tier standard Part D plan;
  • MNA’s sponsored Group Benefit plans deliver all the benefits of Medicare Parts A, B, and D; plus additional benefits such as a basic health club membership through the Silver Sneakers fitness program and a Health Advocate Nurse Line to assist you with non-emergency medical questions. You, your spouse, and any eligible dependents must be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and Part B.

2021 Medica Plan Information

2021 Formulary (List of Covered Drugs)

For an application, call the Holden Agency at 715-392-1294

Retiree Dental Plan

A group dental plan is also available for retirees of any age, their spouses and/or children, and any MNA members who currently do not have dental insurance through their employers.

2021 MN Nurses Dental Retiree Plan

2021 Voluntary Dental Enrollment

To learn more, contact Al Winters at 715-392-1294 (office) or 218-390-7877 (cell).  Email: