MNA Steward Training

Advocacy and solidarity are the source of our strength as union members. Learn how to be an effective MNA steward and leader in your bargaining unit and beyond.

NOTE: Bargaining units can request in person steward trainings from their labor rep with the ability to host other potential stewards from nearby facilities if necessary.

Representing Members at Investigatory Meetings: Learn how to represent MNA members in disciplinary and investigatory meetings. Examine the application of Weingarten Rights, the equality principle and duty to fair representation.

Step-One Grievances: Learn to identify grievances and gather the necessary evidence for an effective step-one meeting. Practice preparing and presenting a grievance to ensure the best outcome.

Succeeding as a MNA Steward: This training is designed to help all stewards succeed in their day to day role as a MNA Steward while continuing to build their own skills in leadership, organizing and communication. Instructors will share best practices on navigating this role as you work with our members, other stewards and management.

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