Press Release: MNA leader joins the fight to lower drug prices


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(St. Paul) – April 4, 2019 – Attorney General Keith Ellison has appointed the Minnesota Nurses Association’s Executive Director, Rose Roach, to the task force charged with lowering the price of pharmaceutical drugs for Minnesota patients. Roach is one of 15 patient advocates who include leaders from medical providers, labor and industry, state legislators, and the executive director of the Board of Pharmacy.

“I am honored to be appointed by Attorney General Ellison and am confident we will be able to make recommendations that will improve the lives of Minnesotans when it comes to affording the medications they need,” Roach said.

The Task Force on Lowering Pharmaceutical Drug Prices will study the reasons for skyrocketing prescription prices, the regulatory role of state and federal governments in controlling prescription costs, strategies that have been implemented elsewhere, and recommend ways to reduce drug prices.

Attorney General Ellison said that the team will gather the best thinking to analyze causes of drug price increases, and the task force will look at legislation and litigation to lower prices but not be limited to those strategies.

“Big Pharma is exploiting sick people who are just trying to survive,” Roach said. This is not only immoral; for nurses, it is a completely unacceptable business practice. Medication is part of healthcare and therefore cannot be treated like a commodity. It must be treated as a public good.”



  1. Nursing’s voice is important as this epidemic is addressed in Minnesota. We trust that you will do that on behalf of MNA, Congratulations on your appointment Rose Roach.

  2. Well nurse Roach I’ll be glad to tutor you on how big pharma works in a capitalistic system. New drugs that improve and save our lives are not researched , discovered, trialed and finally put into our medical system because of the kindness and goodness of pharma companies but because of the profit potential. How about this-you work as a nurse out of the kindness and goodness of your heart not accepting profit aka your paycheck and then tell big pharma to the same. Until then keep your opinions to yourself. Profit and competition – these things drive a successful capital oriented system that is best for company and person alike. A socialist single payer system for the medical profession will become just like that top notch Venezuela system. Socialism anyway you stack it fails, capitalism is not perfect but is far superior to anything else.
    And by the way,please be careful around that illustrious Mn AG keeping in mind what he was accused of by at least 1 ex s. o. My advise to you would be to not turn your back to him and never ever be in a room alone with that one!
    AN old RN

  3. Thank you Rose.

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