Press Release: LakeWood Health Center Illegally ‘Coerced,’ ‘Interrogated’ Staff: National Labor Relations Board

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Barbara Brady
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(Baudette) – February 26, 2016 – LakeWood Health Center “interfered with, restrained or coerced employees in the exercise of their rights” to unionize, according to a complaint issued by the National Labor Relations Board on Feb. 22.

The NLRB complaint was in response to an Unfair Labor Practice charge filed by the Minnesota Nurses Association after LakeWood illegally withdrew recognition of the union in the middle of bargaining a first contract.

“LakeWood clearly violated our rights,” said McCall Plourde, an X-ray technologist at LakeWood. “Management tried to intimidate staff into signing a petition to decertify the union. Employees believe a union will give us a voice in the workplace and fair treatment, so this type of action cannot happen again.”

  • The NLRB found merit in MNA charges that LakeWood Health, which is owned by Catholic Health Initiatives:
  • Interrogated employees about whether they supported the union;
  • Illegally promised wage increases to try to make people leave the union;
  • Ordered employees to sign a decertification petition;
  • Lied about the union’s behavior;
  • Lied about the consequences of cooperating with the NLRB;
  • Claimed they had evidence that a majority of employees didn’t want to be part of the union without providing the evidence.

The NLRB has scheduled an April 5 hearing in Baudette on the matter. A ruling for the union at that hearing could force LakeWood to recognize the union and return to the bargaining table.

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