MNA Endorsed Candidates Move On to General Election

By Laura Sayles

Laura Sayles MNA Government Affairs Specialist
Laura Sayles
MNA Government Affairs Specialist

MNA Governmental Affairs Specialist
Congratulations MNA Endorsed Candidates!

In Tuesday’s Minnesota Primaries, many MNA endorsed candidates who had primary opponents won their races and will move on to November’s General Election.

MNA was proud to be one of only two unions to endorse Ilhan Omar in her race for the DFL endorsement in House District 60B.  MNA nurses were impressed by the work she has done on winning paid parental leave for Minneapolis city employees, banning environmentally harmful containers, restricting the use of pollinator-harming pesticides, and expanding the use of restorative justice in Minneapolis.  Her story of her entry into politics through interpreting for her grandfather at local DFL caucuses leading to her to work for change at the grassroots level inspired MNA nurses to support her bid for the DFL endorsement.  MNA looks forward to working with Ilhan on issues like safe staffing for nurses, affordable health care for all Minnesotans, and Paid Family Leave.

MNA also thanks Phyllis Kahn for her years of service in the legislature, especially in regards to breaking barriers for women serving in the Minnesota Legislature.

Other MNA endorsed candidates that prevailed on Tuesday include Liz Olson, House District 7B; Deb Hilstrom, House District 40B; Jared Christiansen, House District 56A; Andrew Carlson, House District 50B; Rena Moran, House District 65A; Matt Klein, Senate District 52; and Bobby Joe Champion, Senate District 59. These candidates will go onto the November 9th ballot as the DFL endorsed candidate.

MNA also looks forward to working to elect Julie Sandstede, House District 6A, and Fue Lee, House District 59A, who also won DFL primaries in predominantly DFL districts, and working closely with them at the Capitol next Session.